May 29, 2009

Ok! What can I say...

Bobbi, my office manager has been after me for over a year to start a blog. I kept thinking why on earth would anyone care what I have to say. I’m just a regular person who does laundry, soccer mom, cooks, shops and survives life like everyone else does! The only difference is I decided to start a business at a stage in my life where I was hoping to slow down just a bit. I just happened to have an organizational problem that needed to be solved for me, and it happens to also help others solve their organizing problems. So being the “crazy” person I am, I jumped in and haven’t had a moment to share since (hence the resistance to adding one more thing to my list of things to do – blog!). My favorite quote I found shortly after starting this is: “Confidence is what you have before you know what you’re doing!” - James Dawson
SOOOO true!!!!!!!!

I was also told to make my entries short, and those who know me, know I’m a detail person – so I add the details which tend to make things longer, so I’ll apologize right now!

One of the best parts about starting this adventure is all the fun, creative and kind people I have met with each show we’ve done. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with my baby sister Carolyn. She started doing the shows with me the first year, and then I put her in charge of all the shows. After going personally to all the shows the first year, I realized I can’t run a business, come up with new ideas, the development of those ideas, ads, packaging and presentation, and be a mom and have a family life if I’m gone all the time. So although I miss being with Carolyn, (we get to do two to three shows a year together), I also know all of you are in good hands when she’s helping you learn about the products.

The other benefit I have is that I have five sisters and so when Carolyn needs someone to go with her, she has taken Dianna and Lisa with her, and so the love continues!

We are going to have Carolyn do some write-ups on the retail shows she attends and the fun ideas and friends she meets along the way.
If you have a chance to attend any of the shows we are doing, please stop to say “hi” and check-up on Carolyn and her “skills”…just teasing Carolyn!

Well, I guess I’ll stop here and leave some things for next time! I hope we can bring you informative information and ideas, but also a sense of who we are, what’s important to us, and a glimpse into what starting a business is like from a “rookies” perspective! The best ideas are usually ones that come about from necessity. “Necessity is the mother of all invention”- this saying is truer than you think!

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