Jan 31, 2011

Quote of the Week

"There are two ways you can live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle: you can live as if everything is a miracle" - Albert Einstein

Jan 27, 2011

Clip it Up All-In-One Organization System – CHA Booth 2860

With the Clip it Up All-In-One you're in charge! Choose the components you need to create the storage that works for you. Mix and match. It’s all up to you!
The All-In-One Frame allows you to add and adjust components for your personal needs. With its sturdy, yet simple design, grooves are placed every inch apart to allow maximum use of the entire frame.
image image
Want more ribbon space? Check out the double-sided ribbon holder.
Add the multi-purpose trays for the loose items you need organized but want within easy reach.
The All-In-One uses the classic Clip it Up rotating storage arms that continue to be a favorite of crafters, scrapbookers, and quilters everywhere. Now the opportunity to have it your way is combined with the unique visual storage concept of the Clip it Up line of products, all in one location.
01-045 All-In-One Frame
  • The trays and rotating rings can be adjusted up or down the base unit poles
  • Takes advantage of the vertical space in your craft room
  • Eliminates the horizontal clutter of things spread out on a desktop or tucked into shelves
  • See it, reach it, use it, yet keep it in its place
  • 78” tall, 33” wide legs 26”
03-007 Clip it Up Tray

  • 18.5” diameter with 6 divided sections
  • Perfect for tools, embellishments, paint, glitter, threads and more
  • Spins for quick and easy access

03-005 Floor Model Armimage

  • 15” Diameter Ring
  • Holds hundreds of paper, embellishments, fabric, notions
    and more
  • Spins for quick and easy access

03-008 All-In-One Single Ribbonimage

  • 32” of ribbon storage
  • Accommodates different sizes
    of ribbon
  • No dowels –No unraveling
  • Simple to add and remove ribbon
03-009 All-In-One Double Ribbon
Double Ribbon

  • Doubles the amount of
    ribbon storage

This new system will be available summer 2011!!!

Jan 26, 2011

Lesley’s Final Post

Hello everyone!  It's Lesley here with my last post with Simply Renee, so I thought I would JAM PACK it with a:
The product review is all about the Jumbo Clip-it-Up with an ADDED Upper Tier!  It holds SO much product, it's unbelievable!  Before I leave the Simply Renee Design Team, I wanted to pass on my review of this organizational system. 

Jumbo Clip-It-Up with Upper Tier I have wanted a Clip-It-Up for a long time. And finally, I got my opportunity. It is such a wonderful way to get product up and off the table, floor, and drawers, and get it out into the open where you can see it, and where it looks “clean and organized”. Set-Up A four year old could set this up (with a little help). My daughter was my clip girl, helping me place all the clips on. The whole unit took less than 5 minutes to set up and was so EASY.  It's light weight, and can be carried to THE spot where you want to set it up.  I have also had to carry it from place to place while it is completely FULL of items, and I can happily tell you that it IS possible! 

Clips this product comes with 40 metal clips per unit (40 for the jumbo, and 40 for the upper tier). If you have a lot of product like me, you may want to invest in additional clips when you make your purchase. However, the clips are wide enough to hold a lot of product in just one clip, but for ease of use, I prefer to use 1 clip per 1-2 products.

Balance -Balance is key to making the Jumbo Clip-It-Up turn with ease. I started adding heavy cardstock to one side, and quickly found out (as it says in the instructions) that you should ensure even distribution of weight when adding your stash to the Clip-It-Up. So to quickly fix the weight issue, I made sure to start placing cardstock on the other side too. A good tip is to make a conscious effort to use the jumbo for things that are similar in size and weight.

Space It’s called jumbo for a reason! This organizational product can hold 12 inch papers, so if you can imagine, having 2 feet alone in width of paper, plus the space for the center column, you will need to find a space in your craft room that gives you about 2.5 feet of space (in diameter). However, if you choose not to use it for 12 inch papers, and use it for alphabets, and other products, you can get away with using less space.


  • Seeing your product, using your product
  • Cleaner craft space
  • Allows for better organization
  • Allows for 12” paper organization
  • Upper Tier allows you to organize smaller items
  • Ability to add Upper Tier maximizes use of craft space and increases organizational value

 Altering Your Clip-It-Up -The base of the Jumbo Clip-It-Up can be easily altered to match your craft space by using a single sheet of round scalloped die cut paper made by several paper manufacturers. Here is an example of a paper that I think would look fantastic!  Just cut a small hole in the middle of the paper, and use Adhesive Squares (or similar product) to adhere it to the BASE.  You can always change the look of the base by changing papers!  I used a paper from Webster's Pages.

No. 2
Watercolor Note Cards (with Envelope)
I used to play with watercolor paints in high school and university, and then again when I started making cards and stamping.  Then I found Copic Markers, and forgot about the EASY distressing that comes with using watercolor pencils.  Below is a tutorial on how to make these cards, or similar ones depending on your stamps.
I used my clipped up Core Impressions cardstock from Core'dinations to make these cards.
Step 1: Die cut 4 white paper rectangles, stamp image with Staz-on Ink (Jet Black).  Die cut scalloped rectangles out of kraft cardstock, set aside.
Step 2: Use watercolor pencils to color in the envelope and wings, lightly coloring the inside and create DARK lines around the edges and inner lines.
Step 3: Apply water to the colored image with a paint brush, blending in the colors
Step 4: Stamp sentiment in bottom right corner on each piece and ink around the edges using foam and ink.  Adhere images to die cut scalloped rectangles.
Step 5: Prepare your cards by folding and sanding them, adhere the images with 3D foam.  Adhere coordinated buttons and twine onto image with an Adhesive Square (or similar).
Step 6: Take a 12 x 6.5 piece of cardstock, fold in half so that the folder is 6x6.5.  Sand both sides. 
Step 7: Die cut scalloped circle in Kraft, cut in half and adhere to both ides of folder.  Die cut 1/2 a circle on the front.  On the back scalloped piece, stamp the same sentiment.
Step 8:   Zig zag stitch the folder at sides and bottom with sewing machines.
Step 9: To dress up the front, re-stamp and color the same image on a die cut circle in white, then matted onto a kraft scalloped circle.
Step 10:  Fill folder with 4 cards and 4 matching envelopes.  Give to someone special!
No 3.
And just for fun, you get to see my NEW CRAFT ROOM in video, posted here first!  I have created the perfect spots for my 36" Ribbon Organizer and my JUMBO Clip-It-Up with the added Upper Tier.
I want to thank Simply Renee for this awesome Design Team position.  I can 100% say that I adore the products and the brains behind them.  The gals at Simply Renee are TOP NOTCH!
Bye for now!

Jan 24, 2011

Quote of the Week

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.
Albert Einstein

Jan 21, 2011

Joan’s Final Post

Hi, everyone!  It's Joan, with my last post for Clip it Up.  I've enjoyed being on the team and getting my scrap room organized!  Thanks to Renee, Bobbi and Carolyn for all that you do! 
This post is a tour of my scrap room, which is 28' by 12'.  In the room, I use carts and Clip it Up products to keep my stash organized and accessible.

When I walk into the room, this is what I see on the right side ...


And this is the left side....


The areas around the room are filled with Clip it Up products - eight of them, in fact!!

First, I have my Thickers on the Jumbo Clip it Up.  It is on a cart in front of my bookcase.  The bottom of the cart holds boxes filled with ATC, inchies and fat book supplies.


Next are my card making supplies, color coded in the baskets.  Finished cards are in the blue basket on top.


My stamp cabinet is next.  I have lots of rubber and acrylic stamps and they are organized by subject matter in the drawers.

My paints, glitters and mists are in the white cupboard on the wall.  Below are two carts with inks.  Paintbrushes are on top in the crock and my large alpha stamps are in the wire container.  Hanging in this area is a Swinging Wall Arm which I use for new and seasonal products. Right now there are red and pink items on it for Valentine's Day.


My 18” Ribbon Organizer hangs over two carts filled with miscellaneous paper.  Then there are three white carts with Hobby Lobby and Tim Holtz supplies.  I have a Clip it Up Main Base and Upper Tier on one of the carts.


My sewing area is next, then my computer and TV.  
More carts - one for tools, two for seasonal, with the Wall Mount above them.  Then two carts for more paper!!  On top of those carts, I have my Clip it Up Mini which holds my flowers.


My work table is in the center of my room.  It's a table from Ikea.  I love it so much, that I bought another one for my die cutting room!

At either end of the table, are more Clip it Ups - a Main Base with Upper Tier and my Floor Model.  The Main Base sits on a cart full of scraps.  My Floor Model holds all my Basic Grey.


I love my Clip it Up products - they are amazing!!!  I hope you have fun getting your scrap stuff organized in 2011!!


Jan 19, 2011

New Design Team

We’re excited to announce the names of our new Design Team!   Before we do, we would like to thank everyone who took the time to sent in their applications. It was a hard decision to make, but we finally  narrowed it down to six winners.  If you were not chosen this time, we encourage you to apply again next time. I hope you understand the hardest part for us is we can’t pick everyone!

Our new Design Team:

 Natasha Naranjo Aguirre

Misty Willis

Sarah Mullinix

Barbara Lochridge

Audrey Yeager

Tina McDonald

We look forward to sharing their talents with all of you and we can’t wait to see what fun and exciting things they will come up with.

A special thanks to our current design team.  We love you guys and you have done a fabulous job. 

Renee, Bobbi and Carolyn

Jenifer’s Final Post

This is my last post here with Clip it Up.  I have had such a wonderful time and the ladies and everyone involved have been great. 

I thought for my last post I would share a quick and easy adjustment that I made to my Jumbo Clip it Up.  I took a small box (mine just happened to be a small priority box shh)


I cut off the flap that folds over then taped up the sides


I then measured the handle of the Clip it up and cut a hole in the center of the box 1"x3" I then slid the handle of the Clip it up in the hole in the center of the box.




I now have a place to put all of my small items that I keep at hand in one place and I can find them all the time.



I am definitely going to decorate the box, I just cant decide if I want to paint it or cover it in pretty paper.  The possibilities are endless.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post.  If you alter your clip it up I would love to see it. 


Jan 18, 2011

Random Blog Winner

Today's random winner is Jodi from http://dancingintherainjb.blogspot.com/.  Congratulations Jodi- you won the Clip it Up Wall Mount!

Thanks to everyone who comments on our blog and facebook.  Keep checking to see if you're a winner :)

Jodi email us at clipitup@gmail.com to claim your prize.

Jan 17, 2011

Quote of the Week

"I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world" - Mother Teresa

Bree’s Last Post for Simply Renee.

First off, I have to say what an amazing company to design for.Bobbi and Renee are amazing girls, and have been a pure joy to work with. 

I’ll never forget when Renee herself called me to tell me I was on the team!  I was at work and I literally jumped off the phone with her, and ran around my office.  My staff thought I was crazy, but you guys know what I’m talking about... And I’m sure the new team will be running around their offices, kitchens, and homes when they get the good news.

I have reapplied because I love being here and I love sharing Organizing tips with you guys, and I just don’t feel like I’ve done enough yet.

My last tip is to visit the Clip It Up blog as much as possible.

It is full of lots and lots of great tips on organizing, and full of great (and even crazy) things you can organize using your Clip It Up!

I have started altering my Clip It Ups! ( all 4 of them) So they are plain white and crying to be made pretty. So since my girls, I mean, my Clip It Ups! are mid-alterations, I thought I would share a item in my space.


This is my new card-spinny thing. If it has a name, I’m not sure what it is...but it sure does take up alot of space.

I have started selling my paper crafts at Farmer Markets, and with so many cards I have run out of room to show them off.

I use ALL of my Clip It Ups to display my favorite cards and tags on . But I ran out of table room....So I purchased this.

It ain’t no Clip It Up! Girls. There just aren’t any substitutions to them.

This gigantic piece doesn't even hold a fraction of cards my Clip It Up can.

Can you see them spilling over the edges?


And check out the size difference!clip_image002[14]

There just isn’t a comparison.

I maybe biased, but if you are thinking about how to display your items for a sale, Organize your stickers and sewing supplies- There is only one solution if you ask me. Buy a Clip It Up! or two or four.

Good luck girls on trying out for the team. I hope you will have as much fun as I have had!

Thank you Renee, for this amazing opportunity and a fabulous 6 month organizing frenzy

Now go get your craft on!

Bree Tetz

Jan 12, 2011

Carol’s Scrap-A-Thon

Hi Everyone!

It's Carol, and I wanted to tell you a little bit about the generosity of Clip It Up by Simply Renee! 

On Saturday, November 13, 2010, I held a Scrap-A-Thon fundraiser to benefit our school district.  After a referendum failed to pass in our school district, all extra-curricular activities had been cut for our three schools.  Parents got together to raise funds in order to bring the the extra-curriculars activities back for one year until a new referendum could be placed on the ballot and successfully pass.  I decided to do my part and hold a Scrap-A-Thon fundraiser!  I solicited many donations, and I was blown away by the generosity of so many companies, including Simply Renee!  The wonderful Clip It Up ladies donated a 36" Ribbon Organizer for our raffles!  Let me tell you, the Scrap-A-Thon attendees went crazy buying tickets for that particular raffle!  Everyone wanted that Ribbon Organizer, and who could blame them!?!  When my youngest daughter and I pulled the name for that raffle, you could have heard a pin drop in the room!  I was very happy to read Holly's name!  She was so excited to win such an amazing prize!  Congratulations Holly!  Hopefully we'll get to see your Ribbon Organizer mounted and all set up in your crafty space!


Thank you again to Simply Renee for their generosity!  I am so grateful!  I am also happy to report that the Scrap-A-Thon event raised $1,100 for our school district's Special Donation Fund!!  ♥


My Blog:  Crazy For Crafting!

Jan 11, 2011

Tina’s Final Post

Hello everyone! Happy New Year to you! I hope that you had a fabulous Christmas and that your 2011 is starting out wonderfully! It sure is flying by already!!

Today I have a couple of things to share with you. First of all, this is my last post to share with you during this Design Team term! I can not believe 6 months has passed this quickly!! I have LOVED designing for Simply Renee! They are beautiful people to work with, and the Clip-It-Up products are a dream!! I hope you sent in your DT application! You won't be sorry!!

So with this being my last post, I would like to share with you my Clip-It-Up main base and upper tier. My very first Video... so bare with me! :)

Now... for those of you who think you don't have room for one,... think again! You don't have room NOT to have one! :)


I will leave you with a layout I created using some of the many embelishments found on my clip it up! I completely forgot I had these goodies until I brought them out to organize!!


This page was created using one photo from each month of the year 2010. It's a brief recap... but it has inspired me to create a mini book recapping more highlights as well! What do you do to recap your year?


Thanks for dropping by! And thank you to Simply Renee for the opportunity to share some tips, organization and projects with you these last few months!

Happy Scrapping!!!


Jan 10, 2011

Thanks for blogging about us

We want to take a moment and thank everyone who blogs about us.  It is always fun to come across blog posts that mention the Clip it Up products.  Here’s a few we’ve found lately:

Billie from A Sewing We Will Go.

Arlette from Polka Dot Pineapple

Stampin’ Dymonz Creative Space

Inking Idaho

Thanks and let us know if you post about our products or you come across someone who does.

Simply Renee

Quote of the Week

"Life is partly what we make it, and partly what is made by the friends we choose". Tennessee Williams

Jan 7, 2011

Carol’s Craft Area

Hi Everyone!  Happy New Year!  Can you believe it's 2011? 

This is Carol, and this is my last official Clip It Up post for this design team term.  I want to thank Renee for having me on her organization design team.  I had a blast showing you ways to use Clip It Up products to get organized!

I'm showing you my crafting area today!  I hope you enjoy viewing my product-packed area!  I have a lot of stuff!  You would think that I would stop buying!  I really should!!  I am so excited to have my Clip It Up Jumbo with the Upper Tier Add On on my desk!  It holds so much, and it's all so organized!!

Before I go, I want to give some shout outs to some of my favorite places to hang out:


This site is run by Amy and Cheryl.  I'm on the Design Team at this site, and we are currently holding a Sketh-A-Thon!  No online store . . . just fun, challenges, inspiration, and lots of chatting with our girlfriendz!

Inspired to Scrap:

This site is run by Stacey.  There is a new kit is in the store, and January challenges are posted!  I'm going to be a Guest Designer here in March and April!

Memorable Seasons:

This is my favorite place to shop!  Jill is awesome, and her sales are AMAZING!  Julie has just joined her in helping with the online store, and in January, they will have their first monthly kit!  There is also a message board.  I highly recommend this online store!  ♥  You'll also want to get in on the monthly kit action!  :)

Coordinates Collections:

This site is run by Jamie.  She has great kits.  There are two kit choices every month.  There are challenges posted on the blog and message board too.

I also want to leave you with another sketch and my layout that I created using my sketch!  This is my 2nd sketch I've created!  What do you think?  This sketch won't be posted at Scrap-Friendzy for the Sketch-A-Thon until January 14th, so you're getting it early!  Don't tell anyone!  :)



I hope you enjoy the video!  Thanks!


My Blog:  Crazy For Crafting!

Jan 5, 2011

1st Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to our first newsletter!  I'm excited to write about organization, especially since January is associated with "getting organized" to help start the New Year off the right way!
The word organizing can often be seen and felt as a "negative" because it makes us feel guilty when we're not organized, or we get tired /scared thinking about all that has to be done because we don't even know where to begin!

I know when I started with my new "creative" room - all of the above feelings made me put off starting something I really wanted to do.  It was completely overwhelming thinking about how, where and what to do with my "collection of treasures".  These two quotes made me laugh and helped keep me on track.

Panic is not an effective long-term organizing strategy.  - Starhawk 

The best way out of a problem is through it.  - Anonymous

So I emptied the room out, replaced the 21 yr old carpet with flooring, painted, put trim around the windows,  plumbed in a sink, and found items I could use for storage that were unique, used, and above all...functional!





2 Things You Need to Know BEFORE You Start

Know Your Personality -  Even at a young age, I showed signs of my personality.  I know I'm a visual person who likes things to be efficient.  If I have things I can visually see - I use them!
I like options, which equates to a bigger mess and an even bigger collection.  I prefer to use my time creating vs. hunting for stuff and then having to clean it up.  If it's not easy to clean up - it doesn't happen!  That's why I came up with products that work for me. I can tell you I'm more motivated to clean up, when I know where everything goes, and it's easy to put away - and I have a great room that I want to keep clean!  I'm more creative when I'm not in a mess.

What Inspires You - I'm a junker!  Have any of you seen American Picker?  Well - that would be me full-time if I could.  So for me - the fun is in the hunt!  When I look around my room, it is filled with pieces that make me happy!  I remember who I was with, where I found it, and especially when I got a killer deal!  I like funky, metal, unique vintage pieces, and since I'm quickly becoming  vintage myself  - I find value in "old things".  You need to surround yourself with things that make you feel happy and make you want to create!


This is a picture of my "new-old" desk.  This use to be my husband's desk and it was a great functional piece - but very outdated.  I had someone cut a very thin metal to match the shape, then I rusted it, used gel stains and we glued it on top to cover the old veneer.  Now my desk and shelves are my magnet boards and it has a really cool old, yet modern feel to it.


3 Steps to Help You Start

Prioritize- take those top 5-10 things you use all the time with almost every project.  Put them in an easy access area.  Display them in a way that you know where they are, can easily access them and most important is easy clean-up.  If it takes a lot of effort to clean-up, you won't do it.  Prioritize what needs to be done!

Buy what you like and what works for you- if you buy items you love, you'll find room for them.  When I started the quest to find pieces that not only appealed to me - they had to be imageable to have storage possibilities.  I laughed when I bought some of the things I did because I had NO idea what I was going to do with them.  It was amazing to me when I put my room together; those "weird" buys seemed to fit like imageI had planned them!
Here is an example - I found this great metal tool box.  When I was putting things away - all my spray paints, gels, etc. fit in there and it was great. I could keep it shut and away from grandkids, but it looked cool and served a purpose.

You need to tap into your creativity by using items you already have to help you organize!  After that, buy organizational products that work with your personality!  I used one of my Clip it Up's upside down to hang product on that I wanted to access easily - but have it off of my desk.


Renee's Final Tips

  How many of you have bought the same embellishments, patterns, threads, or papers all because you can't find the one you have and it's easier to go buy another?

Those of you who haven't had that happen should be writing this because you know more about organizing than I do - or you're in denial... (Really -this is a COLLECTORS ANONYMOUS INTERVENTION MEETING that your friends and family have asked me to intervene and get you some help!)

Remember...YOU USE WHAT YOU SEE!!!!  So keep that in mind when you are organizing your "treasures".  I did a card system to help me because I have so much and everything couldn't be in sight.  When I organized and put something away, I made a card for it with information of  where I stored the items, then filed it in my cute "old" file box and that way anyone could come in my room and find what they need.

I don't know about you - but there are things I see that are calling my name!  There is a pull towards certain pieces.  It just speaks to you!  Trust that feeling!  Now I don't want to go into this more (especially about pieces calling your name - because I'm not a therapist, but I would rather spend my money on things I like, than "repeats" because I can't find something!  Trust your instincts and realize there is a reason you're drawn to something!  If you will do that - you will never regret it! 

This is a picture of two great metal finds I have right under my desk that hold some of my "key" go-to products.


Organizing is a daily effort...but when it's done - it's done.  Remember that organizing should NEVER take the place of creating!  If you're spending all your time and creativity on organizing - you're missing the point!

Happy Organizing!

More pictures of Renee’s room will come soon!

Thanks for being part of our first monthly Newsletter and being dedicated supporters of the Clip it Up products.  We'd love to include you in our newsletters.  Send us your pictures and ideas about how you use or would like to use one of the Clip it Up products and if we feature you in a newsletter you'll receive a $15 gift certificate for www.clipitup.com.

Also starting next month we will begin an 'Ask Renee' section. Ask Renee a question by emailing clipitup@gmail.com subject Ask Renee

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