Sep 30, 2010

Tim Holtz Products used in decorating my new room!

I know -  my room has taken me WAY too long to get it put back and ready, but when you want to organize in a functional, decorative and unique way…it’s takes some time to do it right! 

My goal with my room was to make it so I can sit down, create, and know where everything is. Because I’m a “collector” and I enjoy many different hobbies besides scrapbooking, it becomes a little hard to do this at times.  I had to find a home for all my beautiful fun “treasures.”

I have lots of Tim Holtz products (I couldn’t wait for the designer’s monthly package, so I ordered several things now I have lots to play with).I was excited to use some of his products in my room.

In order to clip up all the new products I have, I am using several of my Clip it Up products to help display and inspire me when I sit down to create!  You saw the Under the Shelf Rod I put the original products on from my first shipment (earlier post).  Since then I’ve added a few more to the collection.

I had a cool piece of metal I wanted to use above my desk  to hang up some fun items that are symbolic or just fun to look at.  One of those items is an upside down Clip it Up Main Base

I’ve seen the different ways some of our designers and guest designers have covered up the poles and I like what they did.  So I bought a shipping tube, cut it to size and covered it with Tim Holtz paper.  Ever since I received my first box of goodies from Tim, this paper was one of my favorites and I couldn’t wait to use it in the room, and the upside  down Clip it Up was the winner!


I sprayed the tri-arm and  handle with taupe metallic spray paint and let it dry.  I then took some brown spray paint and added little touches of it.  I thought the colors went well with the fun paper.



I found a rusty tin fence from Darice Rustic Accents and wrapped it around the top and along the bottom of the tube.  I then wrapped it with a gold and black cord from May Arts, and added some fun older buttons from my collection.  The red buttons were too bright so I grabbed my Frayed Burlap Distress Ink from Ranger and rubbed some on to make it just the right color. 



I wrapped the metal ring with some May Arts ribbon and I loved the look of it.  Yes, the clips don’t move back and forth as well, but dang-it just looks cute! 


I took some beads from  an old antique necklace  and added them to Tim’s  Swivel Clasps and Type Charms.  Around the ring I hung three Philosophy Tags,  Added some antique ribbon in a  few places and hung up Tim’s products.

DSC_1815 DSC_1816

I also got around to hanging up the Wall Mount so I could hang up even more products.  Love looking at all the fun items I get to play with when I sit down to create!


Another item that got some Tim touches was my old wooden file box.  Since I have so many items, and several places to store them, I made a file card for all my supplies as I put them away.  So when I can’t remember where I put those sponge brushes, etc. I open up my file box, pull out the card marked sponge brushes and know immediately where I stored them.  I added an antique knob to open it with, and I put the Idea-ology Foundation Metal Feet on the bottom to dress it up.  I love this file box and would be lost without it!


I’m thinking life is pretty good with my new room and fun, cool products to make projects with…sweet!

I can’t show all of my room yet because it’s going to be in the Where Women Create Magazine, but I’ll try to work them in on later posts.

Can’t wait to show you the whole room!



  1. That is so cool Renee! I never thought of hanging a Clip It Up like that! And the vintage touches you gave it are divine!

  2. Wow, that is awesome! I love what you did to the post--great idea.

  3. WOW! Seriously! WOW! That upside Clip It Up is FABULOUS! I love what you did, and all of the little touches are fantastic! That is inspiring! Without a doubt!

  4. OMG these are so beautiful. LOVE the box I have a similar basic box, no ribbon, no bow, no feet, no handle. Maybe If I decorate it up I'll use it more, but it's full of recipes so maybe I won't but I'll like looking at it more >:•)

  5. Love, love, love the ideas!! I like the file box listing where everything is stored - I am going to make one of those!! I am looking forward to seeing your room in WWC.

  6. Oh now that is a really awesome way to alter your Clip It Up-Side Down it Up! : )

    I can't wait to see the full reveal of your scrap room tour!

  7. you should actually send a few pics to TIm too;he loves seeing this kind of goodness!!


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