Dec 15, 2010

Design Team Call

I know everyone is excited for today’s drawing, but we have one thing we want to announce first.  We’re looking for a new design team. I can’t believe it’s that time again.  We’ve loved our current design team and we’re so sad to let them go.  They’ve all done a fabulous job and I’m glad we still have 1 more month together. 

Due date for applications is January 10, but don’t procrastinate you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Here’s the official call:

Scrapbookers/Crafters/Quilters Design Team Call

We are looking for 3-5 talented designers to participate as members of our design team. Anybody who loves to scrapbook, craft and/or quilt we’d love to have you apply.

To apply please email:

· Contact Information

· Headshot or Photo

· Short Bio

· Resume including publication (if any)

· Link to your blog and usernames on pertinent online forums

· .jpegs of 3 projects (any combination of altered art, layout and/or cards)


· One picture of Simply Renee’s product setup and in use (does not have to hold scrapbooking products) and short review.

o YouTube video would be great if possible

· 5-6 blog entries about recent projects

o Including pictures and instructions


· Free Clip it Up product/s (to be determined)

· Discount on Clip it Up products

· Link to your blog on Simply Renee Inc’s blog


· An average of 1 blog post a month and a list will be sent out to all members telling them when their posts are due.

Simply Renee Inc retains the right to approve or disapprove of any blog content and to change it accordingly (writer will be notified of changes) and to use the design team member’s likeness, designs, comments, blogs for publication or as we see fit, giving the design team member full and proper credit.

Submissions will be accepted now through January 10th, 2011 at 11:59 MST. Email


  1. Wow that was a quick term. Can't wai to see new uses

  2. Wow, what an exciting week here!
    Good luck ladies!

  3. Can't wait to see the newbies, we'll miss the old team greatly.

  4. I can't believe it's time again!! It has gone by SOOO fast!
    This was an amazing team to be a part of! Send in your applications girls! Youo have nothing to loose!!!

  5. I can't believe it's already time for a design team call! Wow, it's gone by quick! Everyone, this is an AMAZING company! Apply! You have absolutely nothing to lose!

  6. Time flies when you are having FUN! Ladies, do not hesitate, put in your DT Application! I really can't believe that it's that time already!!!

    Simply Renee is amazing to work with and all their products are top notch!

  7. Such a fun team! Definitely go for it!

  8. You've got mail!

    I just email you my application from email address


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