Sep 14, 2011

Clip it Up and Hair Accessories!!

Hi everyone,

 Misty here with you today!  How is the weather where you are?  It is still pretty hot down here in Texas...still hitting the triple digits.  On top of that, the wildfires that are burning all over my state are a little bit say the least.  I have a brother and 2 cousins that are firefighters...and they have never been so busy in all their firefighting careers.  Please say a little prayer for everyone that has been effected by the fires and for the men and women risking their lives to put them out. Even with fires burning all around, life still goes on.  

School has been in session for 3 weeks down here...which means, of course, that I have been working busy as a bee making all kinds of accessories for my daughters.  I actually found myself crafting just to keep my mind off of everything going on around me.  As a matter of fact, I made so many hair bows and headbands, that I had to think of another way to store them.  I found the perfect use for my altered Clip it Up...a hair accessory organizer!


I use the tabs to hold the bows, and the tri-arm to hold the headbands. I even place a few of the "poofy" bows around the base to complete the display. Genius right?  LOL.  It actually works magnificently, and the girls say that they feel like they are "shopping" for their hair accessories when they pick them out each morning!  It is a great way to start a day...Diva style!  I LOVE the fact that it makes them start out in a good morning every day.  I even heard my six year old say that she felt like Hannah Montana!  LOL


I have also been sorting ribbon and getting it ready for my next projects.  I have a few things sorted for bows, home decor projects, and my favorite upcoming son's Homecoming Arm Band!  I am so excited to do that...I just can't wait!  The drop down bar of the Ribbon Organizer has allowed  to "Clip Up" my ribbon and get it ready for the intended project.  LOVE Clip It Up!!!!


Here are a few pictures of my latest project using some gorgeous ribbon that i took from my clips on my Ribbon Organizer and supplies from my Jumbo. 



This layout was made using some Jillibean that you sent to me when she donated at CHA.


I have never been so organized in my craft area as I am now with my Clip It Ups.  That is the honest truth!  I used to feel overwhelmed with my "Stuff" because it was just so MUCH!  Now, I feel like there is a place for everything and everything is in it's place.  THAT makes me one Happy Crafter!!!!! 


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  1. GORGEOUS!!! Love love love those briaded headbands!

  2. Great projects Misty!! I love all the hairbows and how you decorated the CIU. Really love the braided headbands... what a lucky daughter!!! Thanks for sharing all your great projects with us!

  3. You should think about selling your bows. They are fabulous!! My daughter would loooooove them! Gorgeous work as always!! xoxo

  4. great accessories and love the clip it up to keep my studio organized...but do use one in the kitchen for my most frequented recipes because it is easy to uses versus looking in a filing box...and less for my brain to try to remember a recipe!!!! love could use more clip its...I also thought of using the clip for daily motivational quotes that are my favorite or bible verse...thans

  5. How adorable and creative is that!! I love what you did with the hair bows and clip it up!! I need to learn how to make those for my grandaughter when she finally has enough hair to use them!!


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