Jun 10, 2009

Let me share with you a cause very near and dear to my heart

This year is the tenth anniversary of when my husband, Dale, suffered a trampoline accident that left him a quadriplegic. Although completely paralyzed initially, he began to have some return of sensory and motor function early in his rehabilitation. Today, as a result of many miracles as well as years of hard work, Dale is walking, driving, and using his knowledge, skills, and influence to help others who have also experienced a spinal cord injury.

Along with his therapist and partner Jan Black, Dale started a rehabilitation clinic called Neuroworx, the most comprehensive rehabilitation clinic in the western United States. Dale also formed the Dr. Dale B. Hull Foundation with the purpose of helping others with spinal cord injuries to obtain necessary therapy and to promote awareness, education, and funding for these life-changing events.

To commemorate both the ten-year anniversary of his accident recovery and the five-year operation of Neuroworx, Dale is running an in-the-water fundraising marathon. Walking or running on an underwater treadmill in a small pool is part of the aquatic therapy that helped Dale during his recovery. He will run 26.2 miles in chest-deep water during his fundraising marathon this summer. Visit run4sci.blogspot.com for more details.

Simply Renee is supporting these efforts by donating 15% of all sales during July 2009 to the Dr. Dale B. Hull Foundation to help spinal cord injury patients. Thank you to everyone who participates in this worthy cause to help others whose lives have been changed so drastically by supporting Simply Renee products in July.



  1. I was going to be getting another clip it up after I moved and I will most definetly be ordering it in July so as part of the profit will go to the cause!
    HUGS hon!! Your hubby is amazing!!

  2. What an absolutely amazing and inspiring story!!! How wonderful!


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