Jun 22, 2009

Melissa and her 5 Clip it Ups

When Melissa contacted us and told us how much she loves the Clip it Up, she really wasn't kidding! She has 5 of them!!! We asked her if she wouldn't mind sending us pictures and telling us a little bit more about herself and how she has them organized.

My passion is scrapbooking, and jewelry making; however I also enjoy painting, drawing, cross stitching, card making, and pretty much anything else that gets my creative juices flowing. I am engaged to super sweet Man who has been a super hero to me these past few years. I became disabled 4 years ago and he has stood by me the whole way. Each day he just amazes me more then the day before. Prior to becoming disabled I achieved a degree in visual communications and graphic design, and also spent some time as a scrapbooking instructor. I love my pets also. I live with 2 cats, 3 labs, and a rat. I have never purposly went out and found a pet, I have just never turned them away when they showed up on my door step. I always kinda thought God must send them to me for a reason so I could never turn one away. So that is the basics of me. I love to create, and I love to tend to lost little animals.

Clip it Up with Rub-Ons
First to her collection! "I was so excited when you came out with this because it was finally a way to store rubon's so that they didn't get rubbed off before I got a chance to use them. This is the best solution for rubons I've seen." Melissa

Clip it Up with Ribbons

Clip it Up with Flowers

Clip it Up with Mini Gems & Jewels

Clip it Up with Embellishments

Thanks Melissa for taking the time to show us your collection!!! We'd love to receive more pictures so please feel free to email us pictures of your Clip it Ups and we may spotlight you.

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  1. FIVE...dang I need to catch up!!!! lol

    Post looks great gals ;) :) :) :)


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