Aug 7, 2009

Attn: Card Designers - Perfect solution to display cards

When I sell my handmade greeting cards to stores, they ask what displayer works well with my cards. In the past, I’ve recommended acrylic displayers which can showcase 16 card designs. Unfortunately, not every retailer has room for a 17” high and 17” wide displayer that has to sit flat against a wall.

And since I’m offering more than 16 card designs, the displayer wasn’t ideal for HopscotchArt either.

Then the Mini Clip it Up came to the rescue, and also made spinning it and shopping for cards way more fun! It’s loaded with all my cards, gift enclosures, fridge magnets in organza bags and bags of blank cards for gifts. And it only takes up a 12” diameter on any card table or small round decorative table. My retailers are going to love it. (displayed with an Upper Tier)

My cards are protected in biodegradable sleeves, so I’ve used Clip Grips to ensure they’ll be no clip marks. The Clip Grip will easily wrap around two cards allowing me to clip two of the same design on one clip. One faces left and one faces right, so as the unit spins, the cards are visible from both angles. Hanging my organza bags was easy by using just the bare clip. They even grip the heavy duty fridge magnets in bags. I was surprised that the heavy magnets didn’t make the Clip it Up lop-sided, but no matter how I turn it, it’s perfectly straight and level.

As I teach my craft workshops, I can’t wait to share these products with my students. Everyone will be surprised how light-weight they are and how easy to assemble!

Thanks, Renee, for inventing such brilliant products!

Renee Reese

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  1. Great job on the display Renee! You're cards look great and I like the topper you put on
    it! I love the white bags!!!


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