Aug 12, 2009

Organization Woes!

Clip-it up products have definitely been the answer to my organizational woes!! I've always tried pretty hard to be an organized scrapbooker but there were some things that I just couldn't figure out. For instance, I had this big basket full of stuff that was meant to hold "new items". It quickly became very overwhelming and was filling up faster than I was using stuff since I couldn’t easily see what was there.

I also had little jars holding groups of similar items that ended up just being stashed away, out of sight, because they had no proper place in my organization.

The ribbon organizer and the mini-clip it up were all that I needed to put these things into their place and then onto my scrapbook pages!

The 18” Ribbon Organizer
Not only does it hold more ribbon than I need to have, but it looks so cute hanging above my workspace! I love having my ribbon at my finger tips and viewable. Before I had my older ribbons stored in separate jars sorted by colors and my newer ribbon thrown in that basket because I didn’t want to forget that I had them, but that was very overwhelming which meant I wasn’t ever using my ribbon! I’ve put a mixture of new and old ribbons on my organizer and it makes me so happy to start using them again. Plus just having them displayed is very inspirational!

I hung my organizer kind of high on my wall so the stickers that came with it weren’t going to be of much use so high up there. But, I did want to be able to use them so I put them right on the surface of my desk and voila I had an instant measuring surface to cut my ribbon!

Mini Clip-it Up
Oh how I love this mini clip it up! The main items in my scrapbook space that I never knew how to organize now have a home. I love how much I can fit on this thing and how it’s all organized and right there for me to see.

I took the things that were in the jars and dumped them right into the clip-it up bags and hung them on there.

I love the soft clip grips for hanging rubons so they don't get accidentally rubbed off!

I love that it fits perfectly right in my Expedite bookshelf so I can see everything right in one spot.

Swinging Wall Arm
Another organizational problem I had was I was always making piles of projects and pages I wanted to work on, but then they’d get stashed away and forgotten about. I’m now using this swing arm to hang my project/page kits s
o they are always right there for me to see and actually do. I love that I can tuck it away when I don’t need it and simply swing it back out to work on a project!

Lisa Day

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  1. I love how you organized your stuff Lisa! It looks awesome!


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