Jul 13, 2010

Welcome Rhonda-Design Team

Hi, my name is Rhonda Van Ginkel, and I live in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.  I am blessed to be the mom of two beautiful little boys, 2.5 years and 16 months.  I've been married to my husband Chuck for four years.  I work in technology during the day.  We enjoy living in a nice suburb with our two dogs, our home is very lively!


I was bit hard by the scrapbooking bug in April of 2009.  I have always been an artistic person, drawing, loving photography, sewing, writing and basically anything that is hands on.  My fascination with scrapbooking exploded after going to a small crop one night with my friend.  That night was a catalyst in my life that I could never have imagined.  Not only did I get photos organized, but I saw something that I wanted deeply for my children that I did not have...  a family story.  A story that would tell itself through time, the fun, the not so fun and the really awesome times too!  In between scrapbooking projects, I adore making cards!  I find that for me, its a perfect transition and a great way to use your scraps!

I love taking lots of photographs of Chuck and the kids with my new Canon Rebel.  Chuck is as big of a kid as they are - and I get a lot of fun filled action shots!  Other passions of mine are reading, socializing, playing with my kids, biking and rollerblading if I get the opportunity!

Blog:  http://snapwhiz.blogspot.com

Welcome Rhonda- we’re so excited to have you on our team.  Look for her first post tomorrow!

Simply Renee Inc


  1. Nice to meet you Rhonda! Can't wait to see your first post!! :)

  2. Very exciting...
    Liz aka javagirl


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