Aug 8, 2010

CHA and Beyond…

Since we decided to go into the Quilt Market, we have passed on going to CHA Summer Show since it’s a much smaller show than the Winter one.  My friend, Diane from Graphic 45 asked me if I would help her some fun projects for her booth (she knows I like junk and metal).  So I designed the dress form for the Steampunk Debutant line.  That girl was one “heavy metal” lady!


IMG_1375 Her bustle was formed with an old metal strainer and then a rusted metal screen that had been in a fire.  you can’t see from the pictures but there was melted glass on it.  The fan was rusted individual blades hooked together.  Pictures don’t quite capture all the fun parts, unfortunately.IMG_1377

I also did the hats Diane, Stan, Amiee and Charee wore at show for the Steampunk Debutante.


This one with the little hat on top was my favorite!IMG_1136 Yes, that is a blackbird on the rim. The steampunk goggles were fun and the hats were a bit on the heavy side!IMG_1138 Diane’s hat was made with some antique beading that was her grandmothers, and it fit her personality and style.IMG_1125 Aimee, Diane and ChareeIMG_1368

I’ll share my other projects tomorrow so you can see those.  I had so much fun working on these projects!

I flew  in a day early so I could help Diane decorate (ooh to be in the presence of greatness and watch her work).  I then got to walk the floor during the next two days to talk to people and look at what’s new out there.  I usually don’t get to do that much when we’re displaying, so it was a lot of fun!

I wish I had been better at taking pictures.  It was fun to see our Clip it up Products being used as displays in Petersen-Arne, Ta-Da, Clear Scraps, and in My Little Shoebox.  Crafty Secrets brought hers, but lost the screw and when she couldn’t find the screw, she was sad she couldn’t find us to get another one.

I also got to meet some incredible, fun, artistic, and beautiful new friends!

Here’s Suze!  I met her in Diane’s booth and then Diane and I got to visit again with her during a frozen yogurt ice cream cone break.  We laughed because we had all walked into the men’s bathroom (along with everyone else I talked to – poor signage), although her story trumped us all!  Thanks for the laughs and for the new friendship! She is an amazing, creative lady and has been in the industry for 30 years!  She practically invented everything! Her jewelry is to die for! Her fans LOVE her and I can see why!



Joining us on this treat break was Carmi and Audrey.  This pic of Carmi was on G45’s blog.   Carmi has written a book about how “creative” people should see Paris, flea markets, etc.  Sorry I don’t have one of Audrey.


I also got to meet Sherry!  Sherry is an Editor for Australian Scrapbooking Memories.  She’s darling and  she’s a hoot!  Diane got to know her on her trip to Australia, and I was lucky enough to get to spend some time getting to know her at dinner with the G45 gang.  She will keep you in stitches – can’t wait to spend more time with her at CHAW.

sherry's pic

I had the opportunity to run into Shirley Hall and Tammy Hall Tutterow’s .   I met this darling mother-daughter combo at CHAW and bonded with Shirley.  We got  to hang out  awhile and watch Tim Holtz work his magic with his new Vagabond Sizzix.  Man, he is good!!!!  Thanks Shirley and Tammy!

Great show – loved being there with the amazing Graphic 45 group, the new friends I met and all the “old and dear” friends I get to see at the shows!  Thanks for a wonderful trip!



  1. Fantastic hats and dress! I had to laugh because at Vegas CHA a few years ago, a scrap mag editor friend and I were talking and walked into the mens room too. It has been a joke with us ever since.

  2. Your steampunk projects are fabulous!! Love them all!!!

  3. It was wonderful getting to see you and spend a little time visiting. I had looked all over for you and was really disappointed when I seen you were not exhibiting. I am so glad you were with Diane and the gang, afterall. You are very creative. I love all the steampunk designs you created.

  4. Wow! Your Graphic 45 work is AMAZING!! Awesome photos!! Love the hats, and the dressform is fantastic!


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