Aug 12, 2010

CHA Projects

Another project I did was a book for G45 with Diane’s Alice in Wonderland/Halloween line.  I had a great time working on it! I had this rusted, old door faceplate and  I knew I wanted to use it for the spine of the book.  I haven’t done anything like this for 4 years, and all my craft items are stilled stored while working on my new room.  A bit frustrating – but so much fun.


I also did a gift bag with the Steampunk line.  The card pulls out on top so you can write on it.  Loved the little clock gears on it, hard to see in the photos, but they really added some dimension.

IMG_2259My friend Teri helped me on the back side because I was running out of time, so thanks for coming to my rescue!

IMG_2258 IMG_2261

It’s so easy to create something beautiful when you have such great stuff to work with.  Thanks Diane for your friendship and the opportunity to “be creative” again!



  1. These are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Wow Renee! You are SO talented in the Vintage department!!!

  3. They're beautiful. I love the idea of using an old faceplate as a book spine.


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