Nov 29, 2010

Drawing Winner

Now that we’re all back from our holiday weekend, we think it is a great time for a drawing. 

Today’s winner is JBuffan!  Congrats you win a Clip it Up Swinging Wall Arm! Email us at to claim your prize.

Clip It Up Swinging Wall Arm 

The Swinging Wall Arm is actually one of my favorite Clip it Up product!  I have mine in my closet to hold all my necklaces and I LOVE it!!!.

We have 2 unclaimed prizes from last week. We’ll give them a few more days.

Amber Russell Treat won the 36” Ribbon Organizer

Megan A. won the Wall Mount

If anyone  knows these ladies let them know about their prize!!!

Thanks and have a fabulous Monday.

Simply Renee


  1. Wow winners you need to check this blog out daily -- hope they don't miss it.
    I love my prize am putting it together now.

  2. Yeah....
    I'm a winner ! Just emailed you as requested.
    Love clip it ups !
    Thank you so much for the great giveaways !
    Beth R.

  3. Congrats JBuffan!! can't wait to see your use for it :)

  4. Congrats ladies! If you don't want your prize I'd love to have it! LOL!!

  5. Good Luck to all those who have posted comments and are waiting with baited breath to see if they are the winner. I would love to win, but will truly be happy for the one who does.

  6. Another wonderful way to use clip it up products!


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