Feb 8, 2011

CHA Winter – LA 2011

Ok, I know we have to be the slowest people ever getting our pictures posted!  By the time I get back from the show, unpack, take care of orders, catch up with my “personal” life  and emails – well now you may know why!

We were in the back of the convention center on one  end (which was a bit  of a worry for us), but we were by some amazing companies and all of us were busy throughout the show! 

Set-up is always  sooooo much fun!   The before…

IMG_2377 IMG_2375 IMG_2376

The BIG REVEAL…two days of putting the  booth together,  clipping  product on all the displays - you know how much each one holds, so it takes a long time to load everything.  We were happy that everything turned out well.

We were excited about our new booth and our new All-In-One!


IMG_2378 The All-In-One is amazing (if I can say so myself).  The trays hold a lot of  product and are really quite heavy when fully loaded.  The AIO is sturdy and even I was surprised with how much product we used to fill it up!  I love surprises like that! 


IMG_2441 IMG_2440

We thought it turned out great and we had lots of people wanting to take the booth and the All-In-One home with them.  The “junk” randomly placed along the garland at the top of the curtains brought a smile to fellow junkers!

IMG_2381 IMG_2437

Carolyn, Kathy and I worked the show and had a great time together.  I really appreciate all their hard work and thanks to Bobbi back home keeping everything running while we were away. This picture was from the last day of the show.  We had such a fun time and we were a little silly because it was close to being over!


My  favorite part (besides seeing and talking to all our friends) was the reaction people had to the new All-In-One.  We heard the word “WOW” in so many different accents, and the look of  AWE  was great!   I only wish we would have had a video camera of everyone’s faces when they saw it.

IMG_2503  IMG_2496

The new trays were a big hit!  You can use them on the Floor Model or the new All-In-One.  They hold soooo much!

IMG_2465 IMG_2462 IMG_2463


Take down is always faster, but it’s still hard work!

IMG_2516 IMG_2514 IMG_2515

We should have taken a picture of the crate all closed up – but seriously we were exhausted and hungry and DONE!

Thanks for being so patient waiting for this post!  Next time we’ll try to be better about taking more pictures and posting sooner.  Oh well, it gives you time to visit all the other blogs to see their posts.



  1. I absolutely LOVE how the booth turned out. I was also thinking... 'Wouldn't that look great in my scraproom?' LOL Beautifully designed booth! If you ever need help clipping up products at the next show I would be more than happy!!! LOL. I just have so much fun clipping up my products. My husband thinks I'm nuts because I have been experimenting on clipping up different items. He says I have pretty much clipped up all that I possibly can! :o)
    Hugs to all of you ladies!

  2. Love it! Trying to decide where I can put an All in One or the floor model and then I'll have to see what the funds look like! I think I really want the floor model but the all in one looks amazing. I used the mini clip it up at Christmas for my Christmas cards. It was great...all the cards in one place and they didn't keep falling since they were clipped instead of setting up!

  3. LOL Natasha! I'm with you... I'd be happy to come help CLIP-IT UP!! :)
    What a fabulous display Renee! i love the "junk"... I I were to do that, it'd look like junk... like i let the kids decorate! LOL! But for you it looks like perfection!
    I'm so pleased that the show was such a success! Thumbs up for the CLIP-IT-UP!!

  4. Everything looks like so much fun and the booth looks fantastic, I'm so sad that I had to miss it this time around!! Oh and that All In One looks AMAZING!! :)

  5. Oh everything looked amazing!! I'd be happy to help too! Maybe someday I can be there!

  6. Your booth looks like it was amazing! I love junkn' my favorite past-time...guess that junkn' is a lot like scrapping...all about the stories! lol

  7. The Booth turned out absolutely AMAZING! What a beautiful display and OMGoodness at the new unit! Phenomenal!!!!!!


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