Feb 1, 2011

Welcome Back Tina

We want to welcome back Tina to our new 2011 Design Team. 

Here’s some of her previous posts:

Tina’s Final Post

So Many Things to Be Grateful For

Ooh Baby!

Tina’s First Post

Plus check out her fabulous blog:



Brief Bio:

I'm Tina! I'm 34 yrs old and live in beautiful New Brunswick, Canada with my hubby of 10 years and our 5 beautiful children!! Life is busy but exciting around here!!  Scrapping is my release from every day reality! I've been scrapping for about 7 years. I draw my inspiration from life around me!! Everything from the looks on my children's faces, to their clothes, to music we listen to and emotions in our daily life! My style is hard to pinpoint... but is kind of romantic, clean and simple. I love white space and journaling strips!!  I love to try new things and feel that my style would help to attract people to your blog and site! My style varies with each project, from simple and clean, to distressed and romantic.

I am in the process of getting my "own space" for scrapping, and the clip-it-ups are going to be my lifeline! SO much potential...i just might get things in order one of these days! :)

We’re excited to have Tina back on our team.  Our designer’s posts will be every Wednesday so make sure you check back often.

Simply Renee (Renee, Carolyn & Bobbi)


  1. Congrats Tina!! It will be wonderful to work with you! You have a wonderful blog too!

  2. welcome back and looking forward to your projects this year.

  3. Congrats, TIna! I am looking forward to working with yoU!


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