Mar 25, 2011

Audrey’s Craft Space

I wanted to share with you today a short little tour of my scrap space. It’s been about a month since I took the video below, in which you will see how I have organized my Clip it Up. As I describe in the video, I wanted to use my Clip it Up for my most favorite things.

I am HONESTLY going to say that since I have taken this video, I have actually USED the things on my Clip it Up way more than I even though I would!!! It is so so SO handy having my favorite things in my stash right there at my fingertips! I don’t even have to leave my seat!

But alas, it is already full, yet I keep buying more supplies with all the new CHA releases coming out! So I am going to do TWO things: 1) Use up the things that I have on my Clip it Up now, and 2)stop buying more things. JUST KIDDING on #2!! But honestly, #2) perhaps buy a Clip it Up Upper Tier to add on to the top or get another Main Base.

So here is a quick video of my scrap space. Hope it doesn’t bore you! I had fun making it. After I shot it, I realized there were a few things I forgot to show you, so there are some photos after the video.

A few things you didn’t see:

My stash of ribbons. I don’t use a lot of ribbon on my projects, but I really want to start using it more. I used to have it on spools on a rod, then as my stash grew I placed it into one of those clear plastic bags with the holes (didn’t like that), and I finally decided on this system. I took some foam board an cut it into 4x6” pieces and wrapped ribbon by color onto the cards. I secured the ends with tape and wrap rubber bands around them so they don’t come unraveled. It is working well so far, except I have been bad about adding new ribbons to cards! Gotta get on that!

image image

My closet. There is a reason I didn’t show this on video. It’s a disaster. This is my collections of years of different hobbies. I have cross stitch and watercolors and canvases and crochet and sewing patterns and jewelry and a ton of other things. This is also storage for our winter coats, hubby’s baseball cards, and my old classroom stuff and school files (if I ever go back into teaching!).

image image

I also keep my scraps in here in pull out trays. Scraps are sorted by cardstock or pattern paper, and then by size. Anything smaller than 6x12 in one bin and larger in another, for a total of four trays. I NEVER use my pattern paper scraps, as you can tell by the mound. I wish I did, but I love new things and it seems like there is something new out there every month! I am going to start sorting through these soon.


So there you have it. A look into my creative space! Thanks so much for joining me. I will be back in a few weeks with a wall mount project!!



  1. Hi Renee. I truly enjoyed your post and video. I always look at videos of wonderfully organized craft rooms and wonder..."Why can't I do that?" I organize the darned thing often, but my stuff seems to grow (without my help of course). Your craft studio looks terrific. Your closet looks familiar. :=)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Love the hyper speed part of your video!! Enjoyed watching you organize. Great job Audrey!

  3. I got a kick out of the hyper video too!! Your room is very well organized and I know you love your clip it up! Mine sits beside me too!

  4. Great job! Love how you organized in speedy mode!

  5. Wish I had a bright organized space like yours! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Audrey - I loved your video and it WASN'T boring! I think it's great to show how you had things organized, but then how you took it a step further and put things you wanted to use on the Clip it Up. I loved the speedy mode also. My problem is I always forget to take the before pictures of projects until after I'm finished, so way to be on top of things! I wish I could work that fast when I do things. GREAT JOB!!!!


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