Mar 16, 2011

Signs of Spring

Spring is almost here!! I see signs of grass, lots of mud, and the birds are singing loud and clear! There is just something about spring time that energizes me! And I can sure use it after the long winter full of sick kids that I’ve had!

So, to celebrate the “almost” arrival of spring, I have a springy project for you today!! I have seen these around a lot and decided that it was time for me to make one for myself!!

Birdhouses… they are everywhere! And since making this one… I’m hooked! I can see many more bird houses in my near future! I also have an idea for the d├ęcor in my new scrap space… can you guess??? ;) Anyway… on to the project!


I purchased this wooden birdhouse at Michaels for just over $1!! I could hardly believe it! I knew that it would look fabulous all fancied up! Here’s what I did…

1. I began by painting the entire bird house using paint that we had bought for the trim in my daughter’s room. It’s white with a hint of pink in it. I used a small paint brush to apply it… then right away wiped it off using a soft rag. It left it with a nice whitewashed look.


2. Then I trimmed the patterned papers that I wanted to use. Each piece was inked heavily to add dimension and an aged look. I adhered these papers using Helmar Acid Free Glue.


3. Using a script stamp, I stamped on the facing edges that you can see.

4. I then embellished it! This is the fun part!! There are unlimited ideas for embellishing these little beauties! And it’s SO easy! Give one a try!!

As you may or may not know… I am in the process (slow process) of renovating to get my own scrap space. While I am waiting, I am trying to go thru my supplies and get a bit more organized… preparing to organize things in my new space! While working on this birdhouse project, I made use of several things on my mini. I want to share a tip with you today that I use a lot… especially on my mini! It helps keep things so organized for me!


I LOVE to use binder rings to group things together!! I think the one I use the most is my ring of bling… it’s my pearls, jewels and such that are my most commonly used.


I also have rings that group together families of ribbon. Ribbon that comes by the yardage is always looking for a place. Since I do not have my ribbon organizer up yet, this is what I do with some of my favorite, most often used trims…


I will use these rings of trims when I have my ribbon organizer up as well! They will hang so nicely!

I hope that you have been inspired today! Inspired to create… and inspired to organize!

Until next time… Happy Scrapping!

Tina McDonald


  1. Fantastic project Tina! I want to try one too now! And I love the idea of the binder rings! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your new space (and with battling those sick germs for good LOL) xo

    p.s. I love reveal day!

  2. Love this, Tina!! I can't believe that you found that adorable birdhouse for just over $1, and I love the way you decorated it and also how you use the binder rings on your Clip it Up...fabulous idea!!

  3. Oh I love this idea to use rings on the clip it up...Brilliant! LOL
    Thanks for sharing how you organize. I am always trying to improve.

  4. That is just the MOST ADORABLE bird house!!!! I love the stand and how you added the ruffle flowers on the bottom. And what a GREAT idea to use binder rings! So creative!

  5. Gorgeous birdhouse!!! Love that ring binder idea! I have some bling that I could to that with!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love the birdhouse Tina! You always do such a great job on your projects - that's why we're so excited to have you on the DT again!
    I love the binder rings on the Mini! I used a lot of them before I came up with the Clip it Up, and didn't think about putting them on CIU. I'll have to bring them back out and use them again.
    Look forward to seeing your room as you work on your new "creative space".


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