Jun 3, 2011

Sarah’s Craft Space

Hello Everyone,

Sarah here to share with you my scrapbook space and how I use my Clip it Up  Main Base and Upper Tier. I am just thrilled with how much product the Clip it Up holds, and it definitely makes my life easier and much more stress free by keeping my products tidy, organized, and at the tips of my fingers. I use my Clip it Up to store stickers, alphas, embellishments, and die cuts from companies and manufacturers that I use most often. For me, I like to keep the company lines and collections together in one place, so that when I need to use the entire line it’s very easy to find all of the pieces that I’m looking for. Instead of keeping the buttons with my buttons, alphas with my alphas, chipboard and stickers with my chipboard and stickers, I keep the entire collection together on my Clip it Up, and it only takes a couple of seconds to grab all of the elements I need as opposed to gathering the items from all over my scrap room.

Here is a video tour of my scrapbook room and how I have put my Clip it Up to good use.




  1. my goodness, that's alot of goodness in one space! thanks for showing us how useful the Clip-it-Up really is!

  2. Sarah, Your space is magnificent!!!! I LOVE how clean and ORGANIZED everything is!!! Awesome, girl!!!!


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