Jul 20, 2011

Craft Space in Waiting

Hello Everyone!

It’s Tina  here, as promised! I’ll try this again… I had my post almost finished and my program froze… poof! All gone! Grr… So yes, saving as I go now! :)

Alrightie, Today I have a few of things to share with you. I’m going to share a couple of changes made to my “craft space in waiting”… I have a project to share, my Floor Model and a problem!

Let’s begin with my Floor Model! I was SOOO excited setting this up! It took very little time and was very easy to set up. I did it all by myself… except I did get my Hubby to tighten everything just to make sure it was good and secure.

Once I set it up, I took everything that I had on my Main Base and Upper Tier and put it on ONE ring! (You’ll see my Main/Upper below) I was blown away by how much just one ring would hold! All of my alpha’s, all of my flowers and a bunch of embellishments! Check it out!

 Floor Model

On the second ring, I added a bunch of papers. No this is FAR from all of my papers. I have lots more to go thru and add! However, I did add a lot of my collections! Basic Grey, Echo Park, Fancy Pants, Webster’s Pages… I LOVE to buy collections! But my problem is that once I buy a new one, I forget about the older ones! They used to get stacked in a box! No more! Now they are out where I can see, admire and USE them!

Speaking of using them, check out this layout I created of my adorable daughter!

I Hope You Dance

On this page, I used products from all of my Clip it Up products that are presently in use… my floor model held my papers, my alpha’s and my Kaiser craft wood lamp post. My Main Base held my Spellbinders die templates, and my Clip it Up Mini held my flowers.

I Hope You Dance details

I Hope You Dance details 2

I did discover a problem however. Check out these Easter buckets…


I need a better storage solution for my inks, sprays and paints! I am waiting not-so-patiently for the Clip it Up Tray to be in stock! THAT is the perfect solution!! I’ll be the first one in line!! Don’t try and fight me either! LOL!

Before I sign off, I also want to share with you one other change I made since my last post. I added the Upper Tier to my Main Base. My Main Base is used for Spellbinders Die templates. I have a lot of stamps that coordinate with those dies, and wanted to keep them close by. So they are hanging on the Upper Tier, directly above the die templates!

 Upper Tier

I am still working away on my craft space… I am super excited as we are going looking at cabinets this weekend!! I have a good feeling! And they are SO perfect! They need some work but I think they will do the trick wonderfully!!

So, tune in again soon and I’ll keep you posted!

Until next time,

Happy Scrapping!



  1. I think I need the floor model. I have two of the table top with two tiers. Your layout is FANTASTIC.

  2. Oh my gosh, that LO is gorgeous!!!! I love the dusty attic lamp post. I definitely need even just the table top clip it up.

  3. My problem with space is that there is never enough I don't care how big it is. I could devote a whole house to scrapbooking and crafting. Your LO is superb. Love the colors and pps. I have Clip-it-up and didn't know there was a newer one coming out. That's awesome. Not to change the subject but what template did you use on your blog? This is what I want. I just cant seem to get it to work. Thanks!!

  4. Thanks so much for your your sweet comments girls!
    Elfin, please email me at tinamcdonald@xplornet.ca and i will get you some info regarding my blog! :)

  5. Gorgeous lo!! I am waiting on those trays too!!

  6. LOVE how your space is coming along! It is looking Fantastic! And that layout is gorgeous! AND WOW at the amount of product the floor model will hold!!! Awesome!

  7. Your layout and daughter are both darling! I love the changes you've made with your storage. I truly don't think people realize how much the Floor model and AIO rings really hold! I was even surprised!
    I too can't wait for those trays to get here! But the changes we made with the AIO are going to be worth the wait!
    Great job again Tina! I can't wait to see your finished room! Isn't it hard, but fun to go through all your stuff and organize it in a way that makes sense and works for you and your style! It's also a good reminder of what you have so you can stop buying the same things!

  8. Your project is amazing Tina!!! Love your style! And your craft space is coming along nicely. Good luck with the cabinets!!


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