Jul 27, 2011

Review Time!!!

Hi!  This is Misty Willis...and I am going to give a review of a couple of my Clip it Up units today. 

First, let me just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE my units!  I have the 36" Ribbon Organizer, the Main Base, the Jumbo and the Upper Tier.

I am reviewing the Ribbon Organizer and the Main Base today, along with the plastic tabs.

When I stumbled across the Simply Renee site a little over a year ago, I was in awe of the amazing products.  When I was chosen to be part of her Design Team, I was beyond thrilled!

I am an avid scrapbooker with LOTS of "stuff" that needed organizing.  I was able to utilize my Jumbo and Upper Tier to organize most of my embellies pretty easily.  This thing holds a TON of stuff, and I keep it right on my desk in plain sight so that I can grab whatever I want or need easily.  LOVE it.

_MG_4925 Even more than my need for scrappy organization, however, was my need for Ribbon organization.  I have an insatiable LOVE for ribbon.  Not kidding.  It is sooooo pretty and there are sooooo many things that it can be used for.  And...I have a TON of it.

Here is how I used to store my ribbon....in several large containers just like this one:


When Renee sent my 36' Ribbon Organizer to me, this is what my jumbled mess became...


Once it was organized and in sight, I was able to actually SEE what I had, what I needed, and what I had duplicated! LOL

I began creating bows, headbands, purses, scrapbook layouts, cards, and more...and almost everything I do has ribbon on it.



_MG_4867 _MG_4529

   Made possible by the ability to see it all displayed on my Clip it Up.   I began creating SO MANY bows, that I had to quit giving them to my daughter because she will never wear them all!  SO, I decided to start hanging on to them and giving as gifts to the many little girls I know...but where/ how would I store them to keep them from getting crushed? 

SOLUTION: My Main Base!   I used the tabs as hangers.  I punched two holes in the tab with a one hole punch and I stuck the clips through.  PERFECT!  I now have a perfect place to store the bows that I make!  They are even hung up nice and displayed beautifully! 

_MG_4899-1 _MG_4901
So, I guess what I am trying to say, is that I would be lost without my units!  I love every one that I have, and can think of a hundred more uses for them!  The organization possibilities are endless when it comes to Simply Renee and Clip it Up!


Birthday sale going on until July 1.  Go to www.clipitup.com use coupon code: Birthday5  for 30% off


  1. Fabulous Misty!! I soooo adore your hair bows! You are very creative and talented!! Love it!

  2. Looove your bows!!! They are fantastic and it's a great idea to hang them on the CIU!

  3. Great job! Love the bows.


  4. Love your bows, headbands, layout, your jumbo,
    how you used the tabs to hang the bows, and how creative you are! Thanks for always sharing your talents and ideas with us! You're daughter and her friends are lucky!!!

  5. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!! What kind of paint did you use to customize your clip it up?? I am in LOVE with the aqua!!!!!!!!!!!


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