Oct 19, 2011

Clip it Up and Go!!!

Hi Everyone!

I am here today to share a super duper little tip with you involving the Clip it Up Jumbo and the Upper Tier.

I have a Question first....and answer HONESTLY!

How many of you have gone to a crop with friends or even alone, and just not really prepared for it like you should have?
You get there and you don't have the flowers that would go perfectly on a layout, or you don't have your bakers twine to add the final touch to your card...?

Well, I have...MANY times.  I always say that I am going to prepare WAAAAAY in advance, but when it comes down to it...I procrastinate.
I end up grabbing a few things, tossing it in a bag and crossing my fingers that it is stuff that will actually make a layout! LOL

I was recently invited to a crop with my Sister in Law...and OF COURSE...I did not prepare for it.  It was only a few days advance notice, but still, I should have prepared some...right??
Well, I didn't....so guess what I did.... image
I took my ENTIRE Clip it Up unit!  I sure did!  I used my clips, added a few things to it like my cricut mat and  a couple of kits that I hadn't had a chance to use...and I put that WHOLE thing in my suburban!  I did not even take it apart.  I used the handy dandy carrying handle to tote it out, and it stood upright all the way to the crop!  I don't make a habit of driving like Dale Earnhardt or Jeff Gordan, so I had no spills or loose embellies when I arrived. 

Now ladies...Let me tell you...I thought I was going to get laughed at...but I didn't!  EVERYONE LOVED my unit and how it was so easy to transport! I showed them the clips and how I organize my stuff.  One lady asked me about how to store multiple items...I showed her how I used my clips to double up on some of my embellies, and I gave her a few other tips, like using a binder ring to put several items on and hang it on the swing arm.


I talked about how easy it is to assemble and disassemble.
I told them that they all are originally black, but that I had used Krylon spray paint to make mine fit my color needs.
I even told them that I had started out with multiple jumbled boxes of packages and ended up super happy once I got everything transferred to my unit. 

If I were a door to door sales lady, I think I would have sold 10 units on the spot! LOL
Well, I'm not...but I did tell them a few options on how to obtain their own.

Unfortunately, I did not get any scrapping done that night.  I was honestly chit chatting for 3 hours about the fabulous Clip it Up products and how they have helped me in my organizational needs.  I did however, have a project out in my truck that I had been working on that I shared with them, and I will share with you all today.

It is a Homecoming Mum...it is a Texas Tradition...all the boys and girls wear a mum to show school spirit on Homecoming Week.  My son is a Freshman football player, so of course, he chose to partake in this tradition.

This is made entirely of real ribbons from Really Reasonable Ribbon...satins, grosgrains, sheers...and all were organized on my Ribbon Organizer.  It certainly helps to know what you have on hand if you are going to do a large project like this one.  I was able to know in one glance that I would need a few more blues than I had on hand, and maybe even a couple of whites.  When I gathered up all the ribbons I needed, I set to work to create a very unique arm band for my son.  Well, all the girls loved it and he even ended up with a new girlfriend!

I hope you all have benefitted for my ramblings today!
I love my units, and wouldn't trade them for the world!!!



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  1. I love that they are so easy to move as well!! Love your project! Noone rocks the ribbon like you do! :)


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