Mar 11, 2012

Win a All-In-One with some Accessories!!!

March 11 Daylight Saving day!!

Tell us on our blog if you are losing an hour.
On Facebook tell us what you would do with a whole extra extra hour to yourself.

Congratulations Cindylu!!!
Yesterdays winner of our random drawing you just won the Swinging Wall Arm
My Wish list is well of course the
ALL In ONe and
Clip it Up Mini
Clip It Up 36" Ribbon Organizer
Clip it Up Swinging Wall Arm
Thanks Cindylu

Please email us with your address and we will get it out to you

AWESOME SALE on our website -

All orders placed during the contest will enter your name in the drawing for every item you purchase.

Keep sending your friends over to our facebook page for another chance to win!!!

We would like to get over 3,000 friends before the contest is over. When we hit our goal of 3,000 we will pick a winner from our new friends who entered and the person who sent them, and they will both win a prize!!!

link to contest details

Good Luck


  1. Yes I have lost an hour of sleep....ugh...:-)

  2. Yes I have lost an hour....ugh....:-)

  3. Yes I have lost an hour! Not all bad, it will stay lighter :-)

  4. Lost an hour today, and I could totally have used the sleep!

  5. Yeah who cares that I lost an hour sooo excited to win the Swinging Wall arm!! Thank you sooo much!!

  6. Yup lost an hour of sleep. Got to scrap all day yesterday with some great girls however.

  7. I am sadly losing an hour. Can't wait until November to get it back!

  8. Yes, I technically lost an hour, but I can't tell because I was up late and woke up early too! So, we'll see how the work week goes! Again, thanks so much for this fab Clip It Up celebration!

  9. Congrats to today's winner how fun!
    I hate this time of year when I lose an hour of sleep, I am NOT a morning person,just a night owl looking for more sleep

  10. I lost an hour... might take a nap to make up for it :)

  11. Lost an hour. I thought we were going to be early for church, then I paniced about being late! Making cards for our spring tea (after initial help from the ladies there), so that extra hour would have been nice, lol, 111 cards total!!

  12. I am going to lose the hour, when i wake up monday morning trying to get ready for work.... ugh!!! the weekend is ok, no time commitments, but monday morning, yikeeess
    ava g

  13. I totally lost an hour.... when you're not getting much sleep anyway because your baby doesn't sleep through the night, it really hurts to lose the hour. : )

  14. Lost an hour here today! Made up for it, though, by sleeping in an hour. :)

  15. yep, I definitely lost an hour!

  16. Monday morning... i can now definitely say that we lost an hour. I need more sleep!!!

  17. I lost an hour here in KY. I'm still not completely adjusted to it!!


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