Mar 17, 2012

Win The All-In-One with some Accessories!!!

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

 On the blog tell us your green traditions. 
 On facebook tell us the funnest food item you have turned "green" on this day.

The lucky of the Irish is with

I am a righty. So excited about this contest! Great prizes.
Of course I always have to be right. That is one of my husband's least favorite qualities of mine. Thanks for the chance to win such a great product

Both won 1 package of the 40 clips.

Email us at with your address and we will get those out to you.

Thanks Natasha for the awesome blog hop  if you missed it here is the link go enter and enjoy the awesome blogs!!!

Come join the fun! Clip it Up by Simply Renee Inc and the Dusty Attic are having a blog hop! Win some fabulous prizes!


All orders placed during the contest will enter your name in the drawing for every item you purchase.

Keep sending your friends over to our facebook page for another chance to win!!!

We would like to get over 3,000 friends before the contest is over. When we hit our goal of 3,000 we will pick a winner from our new friends who entered and the person who sent them, and they will both win a prize!!!

Link to contest details

Winner will be announced March 20.

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light,
May good luck pursue you each morning and night.
~Irish Blessing  


  1. I actually don't have any green traditions. I'm not Irish, so my family never celebrated St. Pat's day growing up... I tend to even forget to wear green! But not this year; I'll try to make sure I'm wearing at least a bit o' green :)

  2. In my twenties, my roommates and I hosted a "Green" party....Green beer, Green Pina Coladas, Green pasta & meatballs...It was REALLY Green overload..and all that food dye really stays in your system for days....LOL

  3. We try to were green. This year my daughter got a green hat to wear to school but we are not Irish

  4. My husband is a bagpiper and is all over the place St Patrick's Day. We get all decked put in our green attire.

  5. The only green tradition I have is wearing green on St Patty's day so I don't get pinched. :D

  6. I don't really have any green traditions (I'm Chinese), but I do try and at least wear green on St. Pat's day

  7. I am not Irish but my children have a "touch" so i always cook the traditional corned beef and cabbage-love the aroma through the
    A blessed day to you

  8. I always were green but I also decorate the house - lots of green. Also do a tablescape with my shamrock dishes, green glasses, etc. And there are little leprechauns where you least expect them! You just never know where they may be from day to day!! Not Irish, just like green!

  9. My tradition is to always make corn beef and cabbage w/red taters. Yummy!

    later tater,

  10. A reuben sandwich is perfectly yummy was to celebrate the day!

  11. We have corned beef and cabbage! Yum!

  12. Sorry no green traditions here, it was softball games all day and what a beautiful day!!

  13. We always have had corned beef and cabbage in the past, but last year I found new recipes on that I wanted to try and they have become our new favorites! Apricot glazed corned beef and Colcannan (not sure I spelled that right) - absolutely scrumptious!

  14. I don't have any green traditions ... Because I'm not Irish :P But I think its a really nice celebration :)
    Hugs Rebecca

  15. sorry, but we don't have any green traditions. It's just another day to us!


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