Jun 12, 2012

Father's Day Celebration Contest

 "Let's have some fun"
Here at Simply Renee we need some fun gift ideas for the "Big Day"

Tell us the most creative or meaningful gift you have done for Father's Day.
Leave comments here and on Facebook for a chance to win a  

Check back with us daily and leave comments every time for a better chance to win.
Winner will be announced on Sunday, June 17.
(Only one winner)

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  1. The most meaningful was a picture of my husband and our oldest son's first visit to church (he was two months premature). I had it framed and my husband has always loved it!

  2. I have to be honest and say that my Dad and i didn't always have the best relationship, but i still loved him a lot and, sad to say, i realized that even more when i lost him to cancer in 2004. He wasn't big on gifts and occasions so on Father's Day, i usually just did the typical card thing, and he was more than happy with that. The thing is... his passing was the ONE thing that started me scrapbooking - i wanted to do an album of him as a keepsake for my Mom, and having always been artistic, scrapbooking really enticed me. My Mom was, and still is, very moved by that album, and i know that my Dad would have been too.


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