Jun 14, 2012

Father's Day Celebration Contest

Hope everyone enjoyed and a left a comment on Natasha's Layout Yesterday
She is so talented and we are so lucky to have her.
Contest Fun Continues
Tell us something you learned from your dad good or bad
Leave comments here and on Facebook for a chance to win a  

Check back with us daily and leave comments every time for a better chance to win.
Winner will be announced on Sunday, June 17.
(Only one winner)


  1. My dad taught me how to fish which is coming in real handy now that I live on the water finally!

  2. My Dad was a hard-working man, always giving his 100% to provide for his family, despite the fact that he could barely read and write. He quit school at grade 4 to help his father, and so spend almost half of his life not even being able to write or read more than his own name. At age 40, after much encouragement from my Mom, he went back to school and learned to read or write, enough to get by anyway. I remember that most of my schoolyears, my DAD would sit at the kitchen table with my brother and i, doing his homework while we did ours! So the best thing that i learned from him was that you can do anything you set your mind to, no matter how hard! :)

  3. My father taught me how to present myself to the world. He was a very hard working man that always commands the respect of others. He was a loving man to his staff and his friends. I assume that did not leave him any time for his family. We are not close and never have been. Ido appreciate that he taught me how I did not want to be with my children.

  4. My Dad Taught me to Believe in the Impossible!I needed a Kidney to Live and he was a Match. He Taught me to Always Believe in Myself, Prayer, and Perserverance. I am so Thankful he Gave me one of his Kidneys, I am Alive Today due to his Sacrifice.


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