Jul 23, 2012

Happy 6 Birthday Contest/ Winner

Winner of the Under the Shelf Rod

Well, I had a baby shower for a friend over 20 years ago now. I was a new mom myself so I can use lack of sleep as an excuse. I had all the usual party foods and for beverages I had made lemonade along with soda. Once people started eating people also started showing shock, sour faces and finally laughing when they took a drink from their glasses filled with lemonade. Back then to save money I purchased many staple foods in bulk. Come to find out I had mixed salt instead of sugar in my lemonade!!! Yes, my face was red and yes it is something my "good" friends never let me forget

Loved all the stories thanks for sharing.
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Let the celebration continue
On our blog tell us
if you could be any age
 what age would it be and why???
Facebook tell us if you have ever lied about your age and why?
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  1. I woud have to say around 34 when my boys were so innocent and were learning things daily. I especially loved the summer to be with them daily and watch them discover and play (mostly nice). We did little field trips that were age appropriate and every Friday night was date night at McDonalds while they ate and played. You see I was a single Mom and devoted my life to my boys.
    No, I have never lied about my age and am proud tosay I am a young 57 and freshly retired after 32 years of teaching High School.

  2. If I could be any age I would be 5! It would be awesome to be so young again because you're still carefree and kinda babyish, yet entering an entire new world of learning by going to Kindergarten!

  3. If I could be any age - I would be the one I am now. Every stage in life is so beautiful and different, but with a baby coming any day, I cannot wait to meet her and wouldn't have wanted this at 17 or something! :) haha.


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