Jul 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Simply Renee Inc!!!
Help us celebrate 6 years of organizing with our Clip it Up giveaway!!!
We are giving you *40% discount off any retail orders from our website:www.clipitup.com
We will also be having…
We have had one winner and 4 more winner to go!!!
Prizes with be:
and a Wall Mount.
Here's all the different ways you can enter:
· Your name will be put in the drawing for every item purchased on orders made during the month of July
· Comment on our blog www.simplyreneeinc.blogspot.com daily to be entered
· Send friends over to our facebook page and have them like us and then comment and tell us who sent them and both of you will be entered.
· Comment on facebook daily to be entered
· Don't miss Wednesday's post from our amazing designer Natasha! There will be extra ways to enter that day and any comments made will put your name in twice

On our blog and facebook tell us daily some of your
favorite Birthday memories.
    Facebook keep sending your friends over to like us
Wed. Special post with Natasha
Be sure to check back daily to find out winners and enter contest.
The more you enter the better chance you have to win!
It was fun hearing your Birthday wishes we hope they all come true.
Good Luck and thanks for all your support for these 6 years!!!!
*All products included in the sale except the 36” and 18” Ribbon Organizers


  1. Favorite birthday memories... Well the last birthday I just wanted quality time with my husband and he gave me a whole day of "what do you want to do next?!?" It was SUPER fun and included taking a nap and watching a movie and gardening together. It was so relaxing.!

  2. My birthday party when I was 5. It was one of the few birthday parties I ever had.

  3. One of my favorite birthday memories is when I turned 16 and my older cousin threw me a sweet 16 party! It was SO AWESOME!!!!

  4. Fav birthday memory...easy! It ALWAYS, and I mean always, rained on my birthday (in Jan) for as long as I can remember. Starting with the first January after our daughter was born it has NEVER rained on my birthday. So I tell her that she truly brought sunshine into my life!

  5. My favorite bday memories are when my grandmother took me into NYC when we lived in NJ. We went to shows, museums, shopping, etc. She instilled culture in me!

  6. My favorite birthday memory as a child was my 8th birthday party because it was the first one I ever had with kids my own age.

  7. My birthday is next week so you always tend to remember back to some of your favorite. I remember when my best friend had a surprise slumber party for me in high school. We are still best friends to this day even though we live in different states! Happy birthday to you with wishes for much success in the coming years.

  8. My favorite birthday memory is when my dear Grandma Ollie made me a barbie cake, complete with lovely layers of frosting for her dress. And congrats on SIX years! You have such fabulous products, which adorn my craft room!


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