Oct 20, 2012

Contest and 50% off Sale

Happy Halloween!!!
Avoid the Scary Madness of Christmas and shop now
50% OFF Select Items
on retail orders from our website:www.clipitup.com
Let's have some Halloween Fun!!!
On our blog tell us what your favorite Halloween Candy.

    Facebook tell us the Halloween candy you don't like.
Join us daily to enter into our contest for random giveaways
Here's all the different ways you can enter:
· Your name will be put in the drawing for every item purchased during Oct. 15 through Oct. 31.
· Comment on our blog simplyreneeinc.blogspot.com daily to be entered.
· Send friends over to our facebook page and have them like us and then comment and tell us who sent them and both of you will be entered. We are so close to 3,000.00 friends. A special prize drawing for those that send a friend over when we hit that number.
· Comment on facebook daily to be entered.

Contest starts October 15, 2012 ends October 31, 2012

Be sure to check back daily to find out winners and enter contest.
The more you enter the better chance you have to win!

Good Luck and Happy Haunting!!!!


  1. My favorite Halloween candy is anything with chocolate in it.

  2. I have the ribbon holder and the large clip it up and I love them both. One day I want to be able to have the whole kit and kabootle.

  3. I loooves me some Twix candy bars!!!!!! I am so fortunate that my kids don't like them, and they always give theirs to me! (not that I need them or anything!)

  4. I would say my favorite are the M & M's so I am trying to keep them away this year.

  5. Candy Corn is the all time classic and I love it.


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