Nov 27, 2009

Design Team Call

We are looking for 3-4 talented designers to participate as members of our design team.

To apply please email:
· Contact Information
· Headshot or Photo
· Short Bio
· Resume including publication (if any)
· Link to your blog and usernames on pertinent online forums
· jpegs of 3 projects (any combination of altered art, layout and/or cards)

· One picture of Simply Renee’s product setup and in use (does not have to hold scrapbooking products) and short review
· 5 blog entries about recent scrapbooking projects
o Including pictures and instructions

· Free Clip it Up product/s (to be determined)
· Bio complete with headshot, link to your blog and resume on Simply Renee Inc.’s website
· Link to your blog on Simply Renee Inc’s blog

Simply Renee Inc retains the right to approve or disapprove of any blog content and to change it accordingly (writer will be notified of changes) and to use the design team member’s likeness, designs, comments, blogs for publication or as we see fit, giving the design team member full and proper credit.

Submissions will be accepted now through Dec. 15th, 2009 at 11:59 MST.

Contact Bobbi at 801-280-0505 or with questions.


  1. Soooo excited to see the new people!! I have had a blast!!!!!

  2. awesome news! I will give this a go!!

  3. Will have to try to put together a resume never have done one for online crafting before, might have to look into that:) lol I already can think of ideas to use the clip it up for!!:) Will have to send info soon!


  4. I sent in my fingers and toes are crossed!! This is going to be FUN!!


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