Nov 18, 2009

This Week's Winner Is...

Tracy said "I'm just glad that there's so much to be thankful for, as evidenced by all the previous posts. You are all so lucky! Its inspiring :)

Tracy-Thanks for your comment. Tracy doesn't have any of our products and she just got a new craft room, so we've decided to send her a Clip it Up Main Base to get started!!!

For everyone else don't worry we still have 1 drawing left- November 25, so check back then. If you haven't commented on what you're grateful for then post your comments here and you'll be added to our drawing!!!

Simply Renee Inc


  1. Wtg Tracy! I am sure you will love your prize!


  2. I am grateful for all these great contests you have!! There isn't anything better then getting something you love for free!

    Okay, on a more serious note. I am grateful for increasingly improving health, and the ability to do the things I love again. I have debilitating chronic pain and just a few months ago my health had plummeted to the point where I was unable to get out of bed. Now I start each morning with a walk, and then with the help of some great fluffy pillows and ice packs come home and spend a few hours doing my jewelery or scrapbooking. Although my problems are no where near the troubles of others I have come to understand and appreciate how it feels when you can't do what you love. Like part of you is missing, and it causes a terrible depression. So this holiday, I am ever so thankful for having the time, energy, strength stamina, ability to CRAFT.

  3. am a newbie here from Robyn's blog (thanks to both of u for inspiring) and i could make a huge list of GRATITUDE but the biggest thing that sticks with me right now is the gift of HEALTH-my son was critically ill five years ago and my dad was almost at "THAT" door too 2 years ago and God saw to it that the gifts of modern technology and modern medicine were at our disposal so...we celebrate LIFE and a good quality of it this Thanksgiving and for those things, i am GRATEFUL.


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