Nov 25, 2009

Yes, Yes I am OBSESSED……..

with my Clip it Ups (yes that is PLURAL)!!! So Much that I even have a Clip it Up closet! So far I have 5 Clip it Ups and soon that'll increase to 6.

I love to sort by color. It is easier for me to find what I am looking for. I've tried many different ways; theme-which I still do for an obvious theme such as Christmas or Halloween, manufacturer-which didn't work for me since I love mixing companies and finally I tried color and I LOVE IT. I even have my brads sorted by color.

My two regular Clip it Ups came in quite handy for my regular colored-normal sized alphabets and embellishments. One is full of alphabets and one is for my embellishments. But I soon figured out that too many packages of letters and embellishments are numerous colors and some are even packaged in 12"x12" packages.

When Renee told me she was making a Jumbo Clip it Up. I was ready to order it right then...but it was in the process of being created so I had to wait. When it came out, you got it, I had to have one. It has helped me tremendously with those items that are multicolored and hard to fit into my organizing scheme.

On the Jumbo CIU, I have things divided into color groups instead of individual colors. Listings such as "blue-greens, "orange-blues" or primaries for example.

I received the Under the Shelf Mount in my DT box and at first I was super bummed because the room where I have my scrappy stuff does not have a shelf that I "thought" would work. But like I mentioned above, I AM obsessed and felt the need to use ALL my CIU stuff. So I dug around for some strong twine and used it to mount it that way. This is PERFECT for my large alphabets that are one color but are 12"x12" and do not fit on the CIU.

How does this all work for me and make me more productive you ask? Well, let me explain. When I know I want to make a layout such as the one below, and I want to use the colors Pink and Blue. I go to my Clip it Up closet and go through a process. I first go to my two regular CIU and twirl them around until I hit the colors I need. I go through and take off the items that match what I want to use. Then I go to the Jumbo one and go through the hues on there to make sure there is nothing in the multi-packaged items that would work with my color combo also. Then finally I look up to my Under the Shelf rod and see if there is anything ther I could use. I then bring everything back to my desk, and with a pile of goodies all in the color scheme I want right at my fingertips the only thing left is to create. I don't even have to get back up...well unless I need to go take care of the munchkin or something. Now for me, that is IDEAL and I will always be thankful to Renee and the Clip it Up team for helping me find an efficient way for me to scrap!

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