Jan 29, 2010

Karen's Craft Room

As a new member to Simply Renee’s Altered Design team I have been asked to share my studio with you today and I am delighted to have you. So... grab a cup of coffee and sit right back and come with me into my sanctuary.

I am lucky enough to have a whole room to myself. My husband and I finished it a year ago last November and I could not be more thrilled. When we first completed it I thought I had way to much space but it did not take long for me to fill it up….and I mean FILL it up. Thank goodness for Simply Renee and ALL of their wonderful products.

I don’t know what I would do without my base unit…just look at all the stickers and embellishments that it holds.

I love that they are within reach and I can see what I have. If I need some inspiration it is so easy to look at all the wonderful items that I already have.

I use a bag to hold my extra clips and grips until I need them.

My Jumbo……I love my JUMBO!!

I use it to hold all my wonderful magazines….I love to have them within reach.

I also use a clip it up bag to hold items together for upcoming classes I will be teaching.

I hope you have enjoyed this peek into my creative space. I hope I have inspired you to think of all the ways you can use the Clip it Up to make you creative space your own haven.

 Karen Taylor


  1. Wow, Karen! Love your space!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your space Karen. I love how you've used the jumbo for Magazines. Now I need one of those too hehe

  3. AWESOME craft room Karen! So organized!
    Can you come do mine? LOL!
    True :D

  4. What a great studio! I just love the colors too!

  5. I LOVE your scrapping haven! You have done such a great job with organizing it all while making it look great too!


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