Jan 22, 2010

Let's Get Organized

The Clip It Up is a fabulous tool that you can use for home organization. I am going to show you the details of how it has helped  to really pull my family's paperwork together.

I have divided up my Clip It Up base unit into 4 sections. Each family member has a section for their information. I personalized each section with a divider that has their initial on it. At the bottom of  the divider I punched a hole a strung ribbon for a decorative effect. There are many ways you could split out your categories. You could sort by type of item, such as bills, advertisements, coupons, etc. I'll give you the highlights of each section that I have created.

Weekly grocery advertisements are something I use frequently, but don't ever have a specific place in my house. Now they are easy to reach, and I can easily pull specific ads when needed. I first folded the ad in half, then lengthwise. When I clipped the ad to the unit, I made sure to show the store name on the front for easy identification.

Sunday coupons- I hung the entire packet on a clip until I am ready to start cutting which coupons I need for the week. The 7x7 Zip Bags are a convenient place to hold clipped coupons. I then can easily put the Zip Bag in my purse when grocery shopping.

Other items I put in my section are: restaurant menus, restaurant coupons, recipes torn out of magazines, stamps, address labels, and thank you cards.

Kids Section: School calenders, newsletters, book orders, art work doctor appointments, and haircut phone numbers.

Husband's section: Bills, concert tickets, coupons specifically for him, reward cards, and dentist appointments.

I was able to easily put the Clip It Up unit on a spare dining room chair in the corner of the room. It is easily accessible to all, and is convenient for me to update on a weekly basis.

We would love to see how you use your Clip It Up for home organization!

Valerie Allen


  1. Great photos and ideas. i love how you explained things and used the pouches. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Great idea, Valerie! Organizing all that paper is always a challenge for me, too!

  3. Very good idea on how to take those needed yet semi useless bits of stuff that tend to sit there.


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