Jun 25, 2010

Hanging Wreath

Hi everyone !

It is my turn to share an altered project.

I looked around my house and got hold of an ordinary item sitting on my kitchen top. This round kitchen wire stared at me for a while and an idea brewed !

An idea to create a hanging wreath grew and I was off to crystallize the idea

No kidding, it is really simple and straight forward to re-create the idea.
All you need are some large blooms, butterflies, hot glue, ribbons and some gems.

Here are the steps involved:
1. Place the rack in a standing up right position.
2. Apply hot glue onto blooms (sparingly) and attach directly onto the circumference of the round cooling rack.
3. Surround the rack with flowers, leaves (optional) and other embellishments you wish to include. Alternate flower blooms with ribbon bows.
4. When the glue is dried, flip the rack over and connect the top with 4 strips of ribbon.

This little re-purposed metal now hangs in my girl's room looking pretty. Hope you'll have fun re-purposing an item soon :) !



  1. Very creative use of a wire rack and cute to boot!!

  2. This is such a perfect idea Em!! LOVE what you did with the rack, it's beautiful!! :)

  3. Such a beautiful project, Emeline! You are just so creative!


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