Jun 23, 2010


We're goin' on a little trip next week. A little bon voyage kinda trip. My husband, the kids and I are goin' on our very first cruise and we're all so excited it's sick. That's all we talk about. Every dinner conversation. Every e-mail to one another during the day. All cruise all the time.

But because it's the summertime I want to keep the kids reading and writing. So we're packing them each little backpacks with journals and pens and books to read so that they don't forget how to form letters and words and sentences on paper. I thought it would be fun to make little tags to have hanging off their backpacks when we give them to them.

I love tags. Tags to me are like cupcakes - LOL I liken a card to a cake and a tag to a cupcake. It's a little piece of some bigger goodness, but you can still go overboard and embellish the daylights out of it - as I did here with these 2 vacation-themed tags.

My base patterned papers are from Echo Park Paper, I've got some Maya Road kraft envelopes on each one, and a little Jenni Bowlin bingo card on each too. And then I just embellished with really whatever random bit and bob I had in, on and around my craft table just to make something really fun.


Sailin' away.....


  1. cute tags! love the buttons, the little dress, and the bloomers! yum, ice cream feltie and seam binding! thanks for sharing :)!
    oo lucky, you're going on a cruise! i always wanted to go on the alaska one ;p'. have fun!!
    *hugs* steph :)

  2. Very cute tags! I think that gifties for kids is a great way to use up scraps of stuff that don't ever seem to fit on a more "serious" project.

  3. Very cute! We are going on a family reunion cruise starting on Sunday.

  4. How FABULOUS!!! Love the tags and have a great trip!

  5. What great Tags have fun on your cruise!

  6. very sweet! Have a fantastic trip!

  7. WOW, Michelle! These are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  8. Your tags are so gorgeous!!
    Love all the details!!
    Have a blessed time on your trip!!

  9. These are just gorgeous! What a super fun surprise for their backpacks too! Have a splendid time on your adventure!!!

  10. Those tags are absolutely beautiful! So many sweet details. What a treat for your kiddos! Hope you enjoy your trip. :)

  11. These are simply gorgeous!! Love all the details and colors are awesome too! Have a great time on your trip Michelle!


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