Jan 5, 2011

1st Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to our first newsletter!  I'm excited to write about organization, especially since January is associated with "getting organized" to help start the New Year off the right way!
The word organizing can often be seen and felt as a "negative" because it makes us feel guilty when we're not organized, or we get tired /scared thinking about all that has to be done because we don't even know where to begin!

I know when I started with my new "creative" room - all of the above feelings made me put off starting something I really wanted to do.  It was completely overwhelming thinking about how, where and what to do with my "collection of treasures".  These two quotes made me laugh and helped keep me on track.

Panic is not an effective long-term organizing strategy.  - Starhawk 

The best way out of a problem is through it.  - Anonymous

So I emptied the room out, replaced the 21 yr old carpet with flooring, painted, put trim around the windows,  plumbed in a sink, and found items I could use for storage that were unique, used, and above all...functional!





2 Things You Need to Know BEFORE You Start

Know Your Personality -  Even at a young age, I showed signs of my personality.  I know I'm a visual person who likes things to be efficient.  If I have things I can visually see - I use them!
I like options, which equates to a bigger mess and an even bigger collection.  I prefer to use my time creating vs. hunting for stuff and then having to clean it up.  If it's not easy to clean up - it doesn't happen!  That's why I came up with products that work for me. I can tell you I'm more motivated to clean up, when I know where everything goes, and it's easy to put away - and I have a great room that I want to keep clean!  I'm more creative when I'm not in a mess.

What Inspires You - I'm a junker!  Have any of you seen American Picker?  Well - that would be me full-time if I could.  So for me - the fun is in the hunt!  When I look around my room, it is filled with pieces that make me happy!  I remember who I was with, where I found it, and especially when I got a killer deal!  I like funky, metal, unique vintage pieces, and since I'm quickly becoming  vintage myself  - I find value in "old things".  You need to surround yourself with things that make you feel happy and make you want to create!


This is a picture of my "new-old" desk.  This use to be my husband's desk and it was a great functional piece - but very outdated.  I had someone cut a very thin metal to match the shape, then I rusted it, used gel stains and we glued it on top to cover the old veneer.  Now my desk and shelves are my magnet boards and it has a really cool old, yet modern feel to it.


3 Steps to Help You Start

Prioritize- take those top 5-10 things you use all the time with almost every project.  Put them in an easy access area.  Display them in a way that you know where they are, can easily access them and most important is easy clean-up.  If it takes a lot of effort to clean-up, you won't do it.  Prioritize what needs to be done!

Buy what you like and what works for you- if you buy items you love, you'll find room for them.  When I started the quest to find pieces that not only appealed to me - they had to be imageable to have storage possibilities.  I laughed when I bought some of the things I did because I had NO idea what I was going to do with them.  It was amazing to me when I put my room together; those "weird" buys seemed to fit like imageI had planned them!
Here is an example - I found this great metal tool box.  When I was putting things away - all my spray paints, gels, etc. fit in there and it was great. I could keep it shut and away from grandkids, but it looked cool and served a purpose.

You need to tap into your creativity by using items you already have to help you organize!  After that, buy organizational products that work with your personality!  I used one of my Clip it Up's upside down to hang product on that I wanted to access easily - but have it off of my desk.


Renee's Final Tips

  How many of you have bought the same embellishments, patterns, threads, or papers all because you can't find the one you have and it's easier to go buy another?

Those of you who haven't had that happen should be writing this because you know more about organizing than I do - or you're in denial... (Really -this is a COLLECTORS ANONYMOUS INTERVENTION MEETING that your friends and family have asked me to intervene and get you some help!)

Remember...YOU USE WHAT YOU SEE!!!!  So keep that in mind when you are organizing your "treasures".  I did a card system to help me because I have so much and everything couldn't be in sight.  When I organized and put something away, I made a card for it with information of  where I stored the items, then filed it in my cute "old" file box and that way anyone could come in my room and find what they need.

I don't know about you - but there are things I see that are calling my name!  There is a pull towards certain pieces.  It just speaks to you!  Trust that feeling!  Now I don't want to go into this more (especially about pieces calling your name - because I'm not a therapist, but I would rather spend my money on things I like, than "repeats" because I can't find something!  Trust your instincts and realize there is a reason you're drawn to something!  If you will do that - you will never regret it! 

This is a picture of two great metal finds I have right under my desk that hold some of my "key" go-to products.


Organizing is a daily effort...but when it's done - it's done.  Remember that organizing should NEVER take the place of creating!  If you're spending all your time and creativity on organizing - you're missing the point!

Happy Organizing!

More pictures of Renee’s room will come soon!

Thanks for being part of our first monthly Newsletter and being dedicated supporters of the Clip it Up products.  We'd love to include you in our newsletters.  Send us your pictures and ideas about how you use or would like to use one of the Clip it Up products and if we feature you in a newsletter you'll receive a $15 gift certificate for www.clipitup.com.

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  1. So needed this post today! One of my goals this year is to purge and organize my craft area. I'm printing this post for future reference! Thanks so much!

  2. Wow, that is a huge difference. I'm all about seeing everything as well. But I have an issue with thinking everything has to match. I have an old piece out being refinished as we speak. I can't wait to get it back and see what it looks like. And another piece ready to go as soon as I can. I love organizing my collection of crafting supplies. I think it's half the fun!

  3. WOW! What a difference in the overall creative area! I am an organizational person too. It seems creativity abounds in an organized space!

  4. Your scrap space looks amazing! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Oh wow!! Love your new space!! I am a visual person too! I need to see it! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love your space, it looks so nice!

  7. Your room is just wonderful!! It must be a joy to work in! Thanks for sharing it.

  8. This first newsletter is fantastic!! Oh my goodness, I love, love, love that American Pickers show!! Your space is incredible! You must be so inspired when you are in your room!!

  9. Hi

    Thanks for the wonderful advice I am a pretty organised cookie but so many helpful tips Thankyou Kitty x

  10. I am in awe of your room & sooo jealous that you even have full height walls. I have knee walls that really limit my organization & not a good ceiling either with the sloped walls. I am an "Out of sight, out of mind" kind of person so the visual thing would be great. I think I am an Am. Picker AND a Hoarder! Not a good combination. LOL! Thx for some inspiration on the room & congrats on an amazing transformation!

  11. I am blown away by your room! THis is so awesome. I love the idea of the clipit upside down!

    Would you share how your organizational cards are setup?

  12. Hey folks! I am proud to say that Renee is my sister and she is amazing! She tells me how I have so much talent and then when I see the things that she puts together and I am blown away. She looks at things with such a fresh outlook and it NEVER ceases to amaze all of the sisters, there are six girls in our family, every time. I am one of the most blessed people in the world to not only call her sister, but also call her friend. Love ya Renee! It looks fantastic! Lisa

  13. Yummy!!! What a delightful place to work and hang out! Being a vintage nut myself, I am just drooling over all your goodies. The upside down clip it up is ingenious!!!

  14. Love it!!! I love the antique peices that are truly you, I totally believe in surrounding yourself with the stuff you love and create things for and of the ones you love :) I've been MIA, but I'm BACK on your site!

  15. Love you style! I have missed your blog over past couple weeks and I come back and see this, how creative. I love that you surround yourself with things you love, in turn you create or make things of or for those you love.


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