Jan 17, 2011

Bree’s Last Post for Simply Renee.

First off, I have to say what an amazing company to design for.Bobbi and Renee are amazing girls, and have been a pure joy to work with. 

I’ll never forget when Renee herself called me to tell me I was on the team!  I was at work and I literally jumped off the phone with her, and ran around my office.  My staff thought I was crazy, but you guys know what I’m talking about... And I’m sure the new team will be running around their offices, kitchens, and homes when they get the good news.

I have reapplied because I love being here and I love sharing Organizing tips with you guys, and I just don’t feel like I’ve done enough yet.

My last tip is to visit the Clip It Up blog as much as possible.

It is full of lots and lots of great tips on organizing, and full of great (and even crazy) things you can organize using your Clip It Up!

I have started altering my Clip It Ups! ( all 4 of them) So they are plain white and crying to be made pretty. So since my girls, I mean, my Clip It Ups! are mid-alterations, I thought I would share a item in my space.


This is my new card-spinny thing. If it has a name, I’m not sure what it is...but it sure does take up alot of space.

I have started selling my paper crafts at Farmer Markets, and with so many cards I have run out of room to show them off.

I use ALL of my Clip It Ups to display my favorite cards and tags on . But I ran out of table room....So I purchased this.

It ain’t no Clip It Up! Girls. There just aren’t any substitutions to them.

This gigantic piece doesn't even hold a fraction of cards my Clip It Up can.

Can you see them spilling over the edges?


And check out the size difference!clip_image002[14]

There just isn’t a comparison.

I maybe biased, but if you are thinking about how to display your items for a sale, Organize your stickers and sewing supplies- There is only one solution if you ask me. Buy a Clip It Up! or two or four.

Good luck girls on trying out for the team. I hope you will have as much fun as I have had!

Thank you Renee, for this amazing opportunity and a fabulous 6 month organizing frenzy

Now go get your craft on!

Bree Tetz


  1. LOL...I'm in need of some organization :)

  2. Love it Bree! After visiting this blog, I am definitely going to pick up a Clip it Up... or a few LOL. I have already made the space for it LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Bree . . . I'm with you . . . there is NO substitute for a Clip It Up!!

  4. fab ideas!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Bree, tell me how you painted yours. I want mine to be white.

    I'm thinking I may use my last clip it up to display my cards until I mail them out. I don't do any selling at this point, but you never know.

    oh, and I would be jumping up and down as well, I love those fun phone calls.

  6. Love that you showed the comparison! That is a great visual, too!

  7. Great post, Bree! I like the Clip it Ups painted, but mine are staying black, as they go so well in my room just like they are!

  8. Great ideas Bree! I would be thrilled too to get that phone call!~ A girl can dream!!!


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