Feb 17, 2010

Leena’s Visual Fix

Hello Everyone! I’m Leena Loh and I’m so happy to be here today for my first post. I’m here to share with you how my life has changed by a simple organization system that I’m so grateful for. *laugh* Yes, it may sounds a bit dramatic but let me explain this further so you’ll know what I mean.

When I started scrapbooking about 3 years ago, I went on a shopping spree (a very BIG one!!) for everything and anything that I can grab hold of in my local store. Well, that’s how it’s supposed to be for every newbie in scrapbooking, right? You need everything before you can start creating, right? Lol! That is such a lame excuse that I always use when I go on a shopping spree but I do feel really good, that’s all that matters. Well, to cut the story short, my stash has accumulated over the years and as a neat freak person, I love to organize my stuff properly, in mini boxes and containers, so my scrap area would look clean and organized all the time!

But I have this huge problem…….I lost track of what I have and bought because I organized everything in boxes and I can’t really see what I have unless I take them all out. I began to wish I could display everything that I have in front of the boxes and use them! And being a neat freak, I just can’t have ALL my stuff strewn everywhere!

So, here’s what happened now………..




Please do not underestimate what the Clip it Up Swinging Wall Arm and Under the Shelf Rod can do for you. Such simple organization system made a BIG difference in my life now. I couldn’t have asked for a better solution than these systems because I am now able to see what I have and I can grab them within arm’s length! You see what I mean now? And I don’t feel bad that I don’t use what I bought and at least now, I can justify the money that I splurge on my stash is well-spent! :D

I used to have problems with all my alphas and stickers, they’re all squashed together in a mini box, damaging some of my favorite collections!! So, I have to thank Simply Renee for the Clip it Up Wall Mount because I can now proudly display all my alphas and stickers right in front of my table and admire them in my free time. Lol! I think what’s more important is it really helps display my stuff in plain view the way I want it to, organized and neat, and……..it also prevent them from being squashed up in my mini box (they’re in the trash now). ;)



Simple solutions with amazing systems like this makes me a happy gal and I can now concentrate in creating in a more organized space. I’m sure you would agree with me. Thank you so much Simply Renee for such wonderful creation!

Leena Loh


  1. Great post Leena. I'm also a visual crafter, so these are absolutely perfect. Thanks for sharing the idea. off to buy the wall mounts.

  2. it is amazing how great the product looks hanging up all neat and tidy!! great pictures:)

  3. I am just like you, Leena...a neat freak. I had the same problem with hiding stuff away and forgot about them. However, I have a bigger problem. I'm also a pack rat. It probably doesn't go very well with a small scrap space that doesn't allow nailing stuff on the wall either. I have drawers stuffed to the point that I can't open and if I managed to open them, stuffed would fall to the one below through the back. Then I discovered the Clip It Up. I got the two-tier module and stuffed it with anything and everything that fits. I freed up so much room in the drawers and boxes. I am amazed how much it can hold. I found myself needing more and more clips. Maybe I'll get a second unit. LOL!

  4. Very nice! I have no wall space for mounting stuff so I've struggled with finding a tidy way to keep my most-used stuff close at hand. My clip it up helps a lot with that!

  5. Great review, Leena! I love how you are using the Swinging Wall Arm to display your alphas and other goodies.


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