Feb 26, 2010

Spring Is Here!

Well, almost... right???

Hello, fellow organized crafty ladies, it's Nicole Rixon here! I am so pleased to be posting here on the Simply Renee blog. So many talented ladies so little time!

I live in the San Francisco Bay area and we have been so lucky to be seeing sun.  How about you?

Well...Hello weather, I'm ready for Spring!

So here is my very first Spring project  this year.


Here is another angle... with the bright sun!


Pretty cute project right?... Well, it also left a pretty large mess!Let me tell you it's no coincidence that I am on the Clip it Up design team. I love my clip it up! Here is why...

Messy room from my little easter house project.



I decided to time my clean up to show you how fast you can have a clean craft room using Clip it Up. So, here it goes...


Any guesses how long it took me???


Ready to see how great my room looks for just 7 minutes of easy clean up?


Of course, there is still lots of crafting left to be done in this room today... But, boy does it feel good to start again with a clean slate.  And, that is so possible when it only takes you 7 minutes to pick it all up and start again.

Happy Crafting, Happy Organizing, and Happy Spring!


Nicole Rixon 



  1. Great post Nicole. Organization tools that help you clean up in a hurry are wonderful and Clip it Up Products sure do fit the bill.

    Thanks for sharing your Easter cheer too

  2. I love that room!! and 7 minutes is great time to finish with a clean up... I love Clip it Up!
    I also spy lots of KIKI ART papers there... and that PROYECT LOOKS AWESOME!!! as any project that you do... I love your creativity girl!

  3. eye spy some Kiki! totally fun projects, nicole!


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