Feb 12, 2010

Tattered Angels and Clip it Up

We were looking at the Clip it Up and decided we wanted to change it up a bit.  We’ve painted it, modpodged paper on it, and added rub-ons, so this time Renee decided to “tatter” it up a little.  Using Tatter Angels bronze sparkle spray Renee gave the Main base a fun design. 
base and pole
bottom pole
We love trying new ways of decorating the Clip it Ups, leave your ideas and maybe we’ll try yours!
Simply Renee


  1. Have you tried the tim holtz alcohol inks. I imagine it would be similar to the tattered angels product.

    I've also thought about glueing beads to the bottom portion, or mosaic tiles.

  2. We actually have that on our list of things to try. We bought some of Tim Holtz alcohol inks so I'll post pictures when we're done :-)

  3. lucky you i need to get a bigger apartment or rent a house just for al lmy stuff TFP


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