Mar 10, 2010

Material Girls

We visited Material Girls, an adorable quilt shop in South Jordan UT, and had the wonderful opportunity to speak with the owner Nadine.  She is the cutest lady and if anyone lives nearby they HAVE to stop by and say Hi!!!  You will love her store even if you’re not a sewer or a quilter. 

Nadine has 5 Clip it Ups in her store and all she will say about them is “I totally love, love, love them!!!” She uses them as her displays.  She puts patterns and quilt kits on them.  Look at these pictures and see how fun her store is and how great the Clip it Ups work as displays!!!

Simply Renee is just starting to venture into the Quilt Market and we’re meeting so many wonderful people like Nadine.  I LOVE scrapbooking but I may just have to venture into some quilting in my free time (LOL).

Simply Renee

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic idea...and it makes such a pretty display :)


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