May 4, 2012

Mother's Day Contest and 30% Off Sale!!!

Mother's Day Contest and 30% Off Sale!!!

We all think that we have the best mother in the world:) 

 So for the next 8 days let's share some fun things about our Mother's.

May 4
On our blog tell us your favorite meal your mother cooks.
On Facebook tell us the worst meal your mother cooks.

Comment both places to enter your name twice daily!!!

****Any orders made during the contest your name will be put in the drawing for every item you purchase.

First 5 orders will get a free bag of 25 clips.

Good Luck!!!
Three different winners three different prizes
Wall Mount, Swinging Wall Arm and Under the Shelf Rod.

Winner's will be announced May 11, 2012

 30% Off Sale during May.

 Happy Shopping!!


  1. My mom was an awesome cook, I can't think of many things I didn't like. I think of her often when I am trying to perfect my gravy, she made the absolute best gravy!

  2. My favorite meal that my mom makes is her homemade tacos with her secret sauce!

  3. My mom makes meatloaf and what I have always known as "Cheesy Noodles." I know it has cheese and spaghetti noodles but not sure what else. I ask for it every year for my birthday.

  4. My mom is an amazing cook, and pretty much everything is good, but one of my favorites is a beef/tomato/mushroom dish, kind of stew like, we have it over rice. I only know the name in Chinese, roughly translated tomato beef.

  5. This entry is for my loving Husband. His favorite meal that his Mom would cook was "Corned Beef Sandwhiches".

  6. Jean Bell's Beef Stroganoff! OH yum... I think I will make that for dinner!!!! Thanks for the idea! haha.

  7. i would say she made this creamed peas in white sauce that you put over biscuits or bread and it was yummy.


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