May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Contest and 30% Off Sale!!!

Don't forget about our Mother's Day contest and Sale!!!

Thanks for all the comments so far it's so fun hearing about all of these amazing women:)
We will have a random drawing tomorrow to pick three lucky winners!!!
Good Luck!!!
May 10
On our blog tell us your favorite memory of your mother.

On Facebook tell us a funny memory of your mother.

Comment both places to enter your name twice!!!

****Any orders made during the contest will enter your name in the drawing for every item you purchase. **** 

Three different winners... three different prizes
Wall MountSwinging Wall Arm and Under the Shelf Rod.

 30% Off Sale during May.
 Happy Shopping!!


  1. Hmm... The favorite memory of my mom... When I was little she used to sing "the Lord bless you and keep you" to me every night before I went to sleep. So I secretly put the blessing into our wedding ceremony and turned to look at her right when it was being said and there is an amazing picture of the moment and it was when she smiled and burst into tears all at the same time.

  2. One of my favorite memories of my mom is when we visited DC on vacation. My brother and I managed to step onto the wrong Metro train. My mom literally opened the doors with her hands when they closed, to rescue us.....we also got a serious yelling at, but that's what Mama bears do, right?

  3. I think it would be when we went on vacation together to Hawaii. We had so much fun sightseeing all the new places and buying souveniers.

  4. My favorite memory of my mom is on weekends when we we would wake up Saturday morning and she would say, "let's take a drive." We would just drive until we found something interesting, hang out for a bit, keep driving. Eventually it would get late and we would get dinner, find a hotel to stay in over night and then drive back the next day. It was always so much fun to have these little impromptu vacations.

  5. My favorite memory of Mom . . . playing volleyball in the backyard with the family, all laughing and having a good time.

  6. My favorite memory of my Mom is her making us pancakes on Saturday morning. It wouldn't just be any old round pancakes, she would spell out our names and make shapes out of them. We used to love comparing our pancakes and seeing who got what.


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