May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Contest and 30% Off Sale!!!

Mother's Day Contest and 30% Off Sale!!!

We all think that we have the best mother in the world:) 
Thanks for all the comments so far it's so fun hearing about all of these amazing women:)

May 7
On our blog tell us what flower best describes your mother.
On Facebook tell us your mothers favorite flower.

Comment both places to enter your name twice daily!!!

****Any orders made during the contest your name will be put in the drawing for every item you purchase.

Good Luck!!!
Three different winners three different prizes
Wall MountSwinging Wall Arm and Under the Shelf Rod.

Winners will be announced May 11, 2012

 30% Off Sale during May.

 Happy Shopping!!


  1. I think the flower that reminds me of my mother the most is the red geranium. My parents have terra-cotta pots on their back patio, wall-mounted planters on their back fence and along the wall of their shed and every year they fill them with geraniums. My dad is Italian and I think those bright red blooms reminds him of his childhood. For my mother, who is English, it brings back many happy memories of trips to Italy to visit my father's family. I can't see a red geranium without thinking of (particularly) my mother since she's the one who marshals the troops and arranges the plantings every year.

  2. I'm not that familiar with flowers, but I'm going to say daylily because they are very hardy and last all season long - not just in the spring, so you get to enjoy their company all spring/summer.

  3. Morning glories. She is a total morning person, gets a bunch done, and always seems to be glowing with her full flower self. :) What a fun question!

  4. A rose. She smells sweet and looks beautiful. She is very classic but stands out among the rest.

  5. I think the flower that highlights my Mom would be a Yellow Gerber Daisy -- so bright and sunny and energetic very early in the morning.

  6. Birds of Paradise because that bright orange, yellow and green are her favorite colors.

  7. Rose, she's pretty and usually smells good... but sometimes she can be a real thorn in the side. gotta love her though!


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