May 6, 2012

Mother's Day Contest and 30% Off Sale!!!

Mother's Day Contest and 30% Off Sale!!!

We all think that we have the best mother in the world:) 
 So for the next 6 days let's share some fun things about our Mother's.

May 6

On our blog tell us your favorite mother's quote or saying.
On Facebook tell us your favorite quote or saying that describes your mother.

Comment both places to enter your name twice daily!!!

****Any orders made during the contest your name will be put in the drawing for every item you purchase.
First 5 orders will get a free bag of 25 clips.

Good Luck!!!
Three different winners three different prizes
Wall MountSwinging Wall Arm and Under the Shelf Rod.

Winners will be announced May 11, 2012

 30% Off Sale during May.

 Happy Shopping!!


  1. I don't really remember many quotes that she said, but I do remember one particular phrase she said all the time. My dad was infamous for starting a project just before dinner time, the phrase spoken many, many times by my moms was "Roger, come and eat before it gets cold!"

  2. As simple as it sounds - there is nothing like your mom telling you she loves you. A mom's I love you is sacred.

    Of course, "because I said so", was the one I said I'd never say to my kids. "Never say never" is my quote now!!!!! hahahahahahahaha

  3. I had the habit as a teen of saying "whatever" so my Mom started saying that which sounded pretty hillarious.

  4. The first one that comes to mind is probably not completely appropriate to write. Lol. It's not a bad word but my mom always told us this whenever we complained about the food she made. She said it in Spanish and it just made you think how grateful you were to have food.

  5. I did not luck out in the parent department, but used that experience to be a better Mom myself~ My favorite quote is, "If it's not one thing, it's your mother!" lol~ Keeping a sense of humor. :)
    Love my Clip It Up! Have a great to FB.

  6. "In your life there will be trouble. When you worry you make it double." or.. "patience is a virtue" but said with a very funny voice. :)

  7. i used to always hear "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." That saying has been carried down to my sons.

  8. My mom always used to say "Don't tell me, show me. " I always hated it.


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