Apr 9, 2010

Emeline's Altered Clip it Up

I'm constantly amazed by the many ideas the designers at Simply Renee's come up and I hope you are too ! Here in my craft space, the Clip it Up has its mighty presence to match its mighty functionality.

I took a good look at my Clip it up and noticed a great potential!
The simple metal piece at the top of the Clip It Up (let's call it the T-Top) looks like a stage waiting to be decorated; cajoling me to make something out of it.
This centre stage can be embellished with seasonal items, flowers etc. Here is what i'd done with mine.

- wrapped the tip of the stand with satin ribbon and tulle.
- i used cabbage roses (my current favourite flowers!) and arranged them onto the metal piece. I used a little hot glue to hold these into place. I know I can be fickle and I predict i'll want a different look perhaps a few weeks later. Thus I opted to use hot glue sparingly.

- Embellish further with green foliage. Apply hot glue sparingly.

that has to be the fun part - deciding what to affix the T-top with!
I chose to decorate the Clip It Up with flowers... but the possibilities are limitless.

You can choose to embellish with seasonal accessories or simply adorn with your favourite colors to spruce up your craft space .

Happy Crafting!


  1. Really pretty! I am going to have to source some flowers that match my altered Clip it Up Mini to makemy own little "stage!"

  2. What a beautiful way to alter the clip it up. Love it!

  3. Great idea! I'm going to do this . . . thanks for sharing!

  4. What an idea! I love your altering! Thanks a lot for sharing pictures!

  5. LOVE this, it's so pretty! What a wonderful way to change the look.


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