Apr 2, 2010

How the Clip it Up can help Organize Your Kitchen…


My friends are going to be shocked at the secret I’m about to reveal . . . for a very organized person I have one unorganized space – the kitchen junk drawer! And today I’m going to share how I’m using this 18” Ribbon Organizer


To tame this messy, disorganized drawer:


By the way, the steps I followed to organize my kitchen junk drawer are the same steps you can follow for any organization project!

Step 1: Empty the drawer completely.

Step 2: Put away all the things that don’t belong back in their correct place. In my case this was a lot. Hehe! This drawer tended to be the easiest place to dump things!

Step 3: Sort/categorize all that remains. I ended up with lots of little piles on my kitchen table.


Step 4: Organize/put away all items in their new home.

For my drawer, I first lined it with a non-slip mat and used takeout containers to hold some like items. Look how much space I ended up with!


I just knew the Ribbon Organizer would be perfect for some of my ‘junk drawer’ items. Here’s a look at the finished result:


Garbage bags fit in the top nicely and getting one from the roll is a breeze! The slots in the side are great to keep markers that I use frequently to label items for the freezer etc.


As I have a very curious two year old daughter, this was a great opportunity to put things up high, out of her reach such as matches, batteries, light globes etc.


Some packets I’ve clipped directly onto the ribbon organizer and smaller items have been placed in a Ziploc bag first.

One last note – I’ve hung my Ribbon Organizer on the back of my kitchen door using over-the-door wreath hangers that I picked up at Christmas! It’s easy and secure and a great way to utilize this organizer if you are unable to permanently screw it to the wall.

Thanks for looking and I’ll be back with more organizing tips soon!

Gail Lindner


  1. thanks for the tip on the wreath holder! I've almost run out of room on my walls for hanging so the over the door idea is fantastic.

  2. You're welcome! I think nearly every door in my home has some sort of hanging storage behind it!


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