Apr 29, 2011

Altered Clip It Up Products- Vintage & Grunge Minis

Hi everyone! I am so excited to share my altered Clip It Up products with you today. I had so much fun altering them! I hope you like them. :o)


First let me tell you a little bit about this product. Both of these are Clip It Up Minis with Upper Tiers. When I received my box from Simply Renee, I immediately tore it open with excitement! I was so anxious to assemble it and start clipping my supplies up! I
literally put my Clip It Up Mini together in less than one minute. The ‘clipping up’ part took longer because I had so many products to put on it. I decided to fill my mini with supplies before I altered it to familiarize myself with the product. I wanted to make sure
that my planned alterations would not compromise the functionality of this wonderful product.

In the past I stored all of my bling and flowers in plastic boxes. Although boxes are pretty, they are not the ideal storage solution to suit my needs. A box is the perfect solution for items that will be put away and stored for a long period of time. This was not the right organizational system for me. For products I use frequently, I needed a better way to store and easily access my supplies. Since I only have a few hours every evening to craft, I needed the best organization system possible to prevent me from wasting valuable time. I would literally waste at least an hour just searching for the products I planned on using. I remember feeling frustrated after my long search for supplies which caused me to lose the desire to create.

Another drastic change I noticed was the reduction in clean-up time. When I used boxes, I dreaded the clean-up process because I would complete a project and find my floor completely covered with open boxes. With the Clip It Up, it only takes a few minutes to clip my supplies back up! (My two young children even enjoy doing it for me!)

The Clip It Up comes with clips and divider tabs, making it easy to organize your stash. There are also optional accessories sold separately such as the Clip Grips, Storage Cover and my favorite... the Zip Bags. The Zip Bags are fantastic! I keep loose items in my Zip Bags such as pieces of bling that were cut up and left over, small chipboard elements, etc. I have seen others use regular Ziploc bags instead, but to be honest, I prefer the Clip It Up Zip Bags because they are much sturdier and hang better which
makes it easier to flip through my supplies. The ‘zip’ closure is also on the side of the bag which means that I do not have to unclip it to open it.

Can you believe I was able to empty out FIVE boxes of supplies onto ONE Clip It Up?! I was amazed at how much fits onto this small product! I was so happy to be able to see all of the products that I own. I also noticed that I had duplicates of many items
because I had no idea I had already purchased them! With the Clip It Up, I know exactly which products I have and will no longer waste money on buying the same item twice.

I now own several Clip It Up products and all of them are very light-weight and sturdy. They are easy to move from one location to another. They are also very easy to disassemble, making it perfect and convenient to alter. Let me show you just how easy
it is!

For my vintage Clip It Up, I added lacing to the top of the base. To do this, you must first drill the holes.


You will notice that beneath the base there are plastic divisions that support the base. Please keep this in mind when drilling your holes.


Using the faint markings on the top of the base as a guide, I taped on strips of paper (created using a border punch) to mark my holes. I drilled the holes using a 1/8 inch drill bit. Just a quick side note- the Clip It Up box you see beneath the base is excellent
for many different uses. I use it to mist, paint, emboss etc. So don’t throw it out! :o)


The first step is to paint your Clip It Up. I found this great paint at my local craft store that is a metallic paint with a stone texture. Paint each part of the Clip It Up and allow them to dry thoroughly. If desired, apply a coat of clear gloss as well to protect the painted surface.


The rings were painted a gold color using Rub’n Buff. Apply the medium to the ring and then gently buff to a luster.

Once all of the parts are dry, reassemble the Clip It Up. Now comes the fun part... the decorating!! There are so many possibilities! First let me show you how I altered my
vintage Clip It Up.


I added eyelets to the holes I drilled and used lace for the lacing. The chipboard elements are all made by The Dusty Attic. Each chipboard piece was inked and decorated with a little bling.


The pole was wrapped in lace and adorned with mulberry flowers. The tri-arms were also wrapped in lace. Remember to decorate each piece individually, otherwise, the arms will not turn.


The divider tabs were decorated with papers from TPC Studios to coordinate with my vintage theme.


Here is a glimpse of the top of the handle. I kept it simple because I wanted to be sure I would be able to grasp the handle to transport my Clip It Up.


VoilĂ ! The finished product! I have all of my Prima Flowers hanging on this Clip It Up. It is now so incredibly easy to find the right color or flower that I need.

After altering my first Clip It Up, I felt the urge to alter another! But this time I decided to make it grungy! Check back next Friday and I’ll show you the details of my second one.



  1. Very pretty!! Love the idea of covering the dividers with paper!

  2. Natasha, you TRULY ROCK, girl!!!! These are flippin' GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  3. Natasha - I just want to know how you have time and energy to do all you do!!!! WOW - those two CIU's are gorgeous! I love the tabs - they've never looked better! Just amazing!
    Thanks for sharing your time and talents with all of us! Looking forward to seeing what you'll do next!

  4. Great idea and they look so beautiful!

  5. Natasha these are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us. sophie

  6. Gorgeous, I love how you used the eyelets and lacing, just beautiful!! :)

  7. GORGEOUS!! What a great way to dress it up!!


  8. BE~U~T~FUL!!! You are so creative!


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