Apr 1, 2011

Tina’s Craft Area Redo: Part 1

Hello all! I can officially say HAPPY SPRING to you now! J I hope you are enjoying the longer days… the warmer sun… and all the fun that goes with it!

As you may remember, I am in the midst of renovations at home here. When things are complete, I will have a scrappy space all my own! I would like to share the journey with you. In doing this, I would like to accomplish several things. I hope that I can give you ideas on how to organize your supplies in a small area. I would like to share with you how to maximize your Clip it Up products. I would like to show you step by step how my scrappy space goes from nothing, to something hopefully fabulous!!

Let me begin by sharing a little bit about this space. We live in an old farm house. It has been renovated several years ago (before we bought it) and I love it. One half of the upstairs was just one big open room. It was all great… until we ended up with 5 kids. 5 kids and 2 bedrooms just do not work well! So… renovations began… (before all 5 kids arrived, mind you! J ) When it is complete, we will have 4 bedrooms… 2 boys in one, 2 boys in another, daughter in her own room and of course… one for Hubby and me! J Also when we are done, we will have an upstairs family/rec room. THAT is where my scrappy space will be! I wanted it to be in a space where I can be with the kids. It is not possible for me to be in a room all to myself… we don’t have the room… but more importantly, I want the children to be with me! That’s why this space will work so well for me!

Let me begin with a photo of the room as it is now. The walls are painted… 2 are a light green… the other 2 are light yellow. But when you are in there… it all looks the same… L I’ve also written in what my plan is for now as to where things will go… just so you have an idea of the layout.


Next step… hardwood flooring has to go down… and trim goes on. After that, we’re ready to start the fun part!

Right now while waiting, I have been looking for an old set of kitchen cabinets to use in the room. I would like to give them a creamy white-washed look. I am going for a bit of a shabby/country look to my space. What is not on my Clip-it-Ups, I would like to have behind closed doors. Where it is a family room, I need to try and keep things as neat looking as I can.

I have started to alter my clip-it-up products with this shabby/country style in mind… I began with my mini… here’s what I came up with! Each one will be different… but will keep with the soft pastel color palate…


I began by spray painting all of the parts, even if they were going to be covered my paper or ribbon. Next I traced a scalloped circle onto my Webster’s Pages paper of choice. I cut it out using scissors and inked the edges using Ranger Distress ink. I then adhered a sheer ribbon around the perimeter. This was held in place using Helmar’s Quick Fix Adhesive runner. Holds it perfectly! Next I wrapped patterned paper around the pole. I glued it using Helmar’s Premium Craft Glue and held it in place with some elastic bands until it was well dried. To decorate the top handle, I added a small strip of the gingham patterned paper and more of the ribbon. Pink Paislee chipboard letters inspired me to add the word ART to the handle… topped off with a butterfly cut out from the Webster’s paper! Once it was all back together, I added a section of Webster’s tulle flower ribbon around the base of the pole just for a bit of interest. And Voila!! My first altered Clip-It-Up!! It is SO addictive! I had to refrain myself from just going right at the next one! After all… the kids do need supper! J

If you’re still with me… THANK YOU for reading!!! Join me next month to see how things are going in my space… I hope to show you some flooring completed… and another altered clip-it-up… which one will I tackle next???

I would LOVE to hear your ideas and thoughts! I’m open for ANY ideas!!! I need your advice and thoughts on where you think I should put my floor model? I was thinking possibly in the corner between the cabinets and the long table… I need to keep the bottom empty for now due to babies with grabby fingers! LOL! So give me your thoughts… I’d love to hear them!!

Until Next Time…

Happy Organizing… and Happy Scrapping!!



  1. Your space is so nice!! I love two different colors of paint!! Neat idea!! I can't wait to see it finished!!

  2. Great post Tina! Love to see your space in progress and your floor plan. And I love your shabby CIU! You are right... they are so addictive!! I have completed two and am working on another one! LOL. I just love the ability and EASE of being able to alter these products. Can't wait to see more!! xo

  3. Beautiful work! I love your clip-It-Up...and I can't wait to see your progress on your room!!!!

  4. I would love to have a farm house...:)
    Can't wait to see it all done and see how you decided to decorate your room. I love your clip it up as well... great job! The colors look great for the paint too!!
    How exciting... I'm now your newest follower. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What size is the room? I would love to do something similar in my family room but I am scared it is already too small!

  6. Hi Erin, I'll get Hubby to let me know and I'll post back tonight or tomorrow! :)

  7. I love your new room Tina! The colors are so fun and inviting. I'm excited to see what you do next. Love the Clip it Up and how you decorated it Shabby/Country. That style appeals to me a lot.
    Thanks for sharing the "process" of creating your new room! I thinks it's important, sweet and smart to have it where you can be with your children!


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