Sep 1, 2009

We want to help you get organized!

It's that time of year, kids back in school, weather is changing, and you finally have time to head back to your scrapbooking. This fall we want to help you get organized!!!

Everyone has "something" they need help with when it comes to organizing! Write and tell us what that "something" is. Don't limit yourself to just craft items, branch out and tell us what you're having a difficult time organizing. Check our blog throughout the next few months and we'll try to find ways to fix them!

PLUS... if you email us we'll enter your name into our September drawing. On October 1st we'll randomly pick a name and the winner will receive a $75 gift certificate to use on any of our organizational products

In addition to this drawing we'll hold a weekly drawing and the winners will receive Clip it Up accessories. The weekly drawing will include our facebook fans as well as anyone who sends us their organizing problem. (If you're a facebook fan and you send us your problem then you'll be entered in the weekly `drawing twice). Weekly drawings will be held Sept 4, 11, 18, & 25. Winners will be posted on this blog.

Drawing Rules and Regulations
  • You can enter more than once
  • If you are the winner of one of the weekly drawing you are still eligible to win the $75 gift certificate
  • The $75 drawing will only consist of people who have sent us their organizational problem by email
  • The $75 gift certificate is only redeemable at (retail store only)

Contact with any other questions!


  1. I have little space to put store my scrap and craft products and the budget has gotten tighter. Now I really have to find a way to store my stickers and. alpah's. Plus I need my products up and away from kids! I have table for my girls for scrapping/ crafts. I love to have my girls with me and it is easier to get their crafts done in when we have everything on one place, our craft room!
    So there are lots of stickr sheets and small items that need a better home than what we have going on right now...

  2. Oh where does one start on organizational problems in the household?! about the pantry and cleaning supplies cupboard? With an ever growing strain on the economy the shopping and grocery lists are areas where I feel I can stock up and save without too much compromise...however...with storage at a premium it is difficult to keep track of it. Just last week I reached in to grab a new bottle of shampoo to discover I instead have an annual supply of CONDITIONER! (and NO shampoo) We love stocking up on cereal when it is on sale and we have coupons...but those boxes are so big! Where to store them...and then remember them before spring cleaning time in 8 months?!

    Any advice is welcome!

  3. Organization is not a four letter word but it eludes me. Seems like I'm forever looking for something when I'm working on a project or getting ready for work. Seems like Clip it up would provide some assistance in the studio as well as my jewelry and accessories organization. Time is precious so this seems like the effort would be time well spent and a time saver as well. Judi Corrado

  4. I need a way to store all those items that I like to keep on top of my work table so that they're in easy reach and they're organized so that I don't have to dig through a box to find what I'm looking for. Things like my scissors, pens, rotary cutter, bone folders and awls etc.

  5. I asked a local pizza place if I could buy six med.boxes cut a small angle off the top painted them and keep my scraps paper in them.
    I just pull out Birthday or baby etc.and make my cards with scaps, helps alot.

  6. I am so overwhelmed by all I have that I NEVER get anything done. This looks like it would be great in helping me get organized.I need all the help I can get...haha

  7. Is it too late to enter for the last drawing?

    Okay, truth be told. I just really love to organize anything and everything. Could be why I love the simple renee products sooo much! Last time I reorganized my craft / bedroom I had to promise my fiance I wouldn't move anything again for 6 months. I think I made it maybe 3 months before I broke that promise. I can't help it. I'm an organizing nutcase. I cut out the "organizing" solutions from magazines and keep them in an "organizing Organizer" One of my favorite tools is, yes, my Label maker. So any organizing tips are always welcome!

  8. Liss-sorry it is too late to enter the last drawing, but thanks for letting us know what you need organized.


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